Work burnout is an issue people face without even knowing that there is a term for it and they can actually overcome it. It happens when, as an employee and even as an entrepreneur, you do not want to go to work and want to stay in your pajamas all day. It is not as simple as Monday blues. If you feel like your job has become boring over time, you do not want to go to the office and feel tired every second you are sitting at your desk, you want to quit because work has become a chore and you do not enjoy a second of it, you dread thinking of work and all the files piling up on your desk because lately, you do not like to open them at all, you feel all kind of physical and mental problems.

You are not sick, you are suffering from work burnout. Is this a problem? Yes, if not taken care of on time. Anything that affects your mental peace is a problem.

Work Burnout- What Does It Mean?

work burnout- what does it mean

Work burnout or job burnout as it is quite popular in corporate is a situation where a person feels dreadful just in the name of going to the job. Even if the person reaches the office somehow, their energy levels are always down. The reasons can be many like long working hours, no job satisfaction, boring stuff, etc.

As the term is more popular with employees, even young entrepreneurs are likely to get affected by it. You kick-started a business, it flourished, and now it seems like routine work to you.   

How to Deal With It?

Believe it or not, you can deal with work burnout with a series of steps. Every problem comes with a solution and this one is not an exception.

Do Not Quit

Many people suggest that if you are suffering from work burnout, it is time to quit your job. But this is not true, there are ways in which you can deal with the problem without leaving your job. Take a break of course, like take a weekend off or go to your parent’s place for a day or two, but leaving your job is not a solution. It is like running from a problem. If you are an employee, quitting may be an option, but being an entrepreneur, it is not wise, and not even practical, to simply shut the business and get home, only because the stuff you found interesting once, has turned itself into a boring job.

Acknowledge The Problem

Feeling off every time is not healthy and ignoring it is the worst mistake people make. They ignore the backache, headache, or dread that comes with the name of work. If going to work makes you feel uneasy, sit down, and address the problem.  Once you get an idea of the extent of your problem, you will be able to deal with it properly. In extreme cases, people need to leave their jobs or hand over the business to their employees and take a break. So, acknowledge the problem and then decide your course of action.

Gain a Perspective

doing something challenging

Before you start thinking about packing your stuff, think about what the other opportunities are for you in your job profile. You can change your department for a change. As an entrepreneur, you can look for ways to expand your business. Just the thoughts of doing something challenging pumps up the adrenaline in your body and make you want to sit at your desk and think about what else you can do.

What Is Your Value Addition?

Sometimes work tires you because of that lacking pat on your back, saying that you did well. It starts feeling like you don’t make a difference. Do not wait for anyone else to tell you how you add value to the organization but determine it yourself. Whenever you take on a new job or new client, think about what difference it will make to the entire organization.

For an entrepreneur, things are a bit more difficult as he has to work himself and got to pat himself, praise himself. Think about your customers and clients. If your customers are satisfied and happy with your service and products, you are doing great. Now, you have to think about making it greater for them.

Change Your Environment

Oh No! I didn’t mean that you shift to New York from Hawaii. I just mean that it can be anything that makes you sleepy or tired at work like the whispering among the gossip queens and your suspicion that it might be you, or the lights, your cubicle, air conditioning, etc. These invisible things have a great impact on your mood and your mental health. Change things like place a small plant on your desk or change your desk location or anything that makes you productive.

Leave Your Work Out The Door

If work occupies your mind even at your home, you need to change the habit. You keep thinking about the same thing the entire time, it tires your mind. When you arrive at your office, you feel like you never left it and thus you feel tired. So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, leave your work out the door. After all, your family and friends also deserve a little bit of your time.

Change Your Lifestyle

You wake up at 9, get ready in half an hour, get the last metro running or curse the traffic all the way to your office and then curse your job as it makes you do these things. But the problem lies in your lifestyle. You leave work at 8 because you arrived late and your boss noticed, you meet friends, party hard, go to bed at 3 am and start the day in a rush.

Your Lifestyle and Work Burnout

Start with waking up early, to kick start your day with some light exercise or meditation. Reach office on time so that no one gives you an evil eye on leaving the office at sharp 6 pm. Little changes in life can be life-changing. When you have time for yourself, you can make time for everything else, i.e. job, family, friends, etc.

Last But Not The Least

When you feel like you are experiencing work burnout, the first thing is to notice your lifestyle, your work schedule, and your job opportunities. Think, why you started and where do you want to go. If you have a vision, it makes your doubts go away and guides you if you are on the path to your planned future. Work burnout is not a condition. It is an option because the work you find boring today was very interesting once. It’s time to think about what has gone wrong. It is up to you to get bored with your job, and if you get bored, it is also up to you to deal with this work burnout.

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