First of all, we all know the good and bad of packaged baby food for our development and health. Baby Formula filled with soy is no exception. Just because you want to use shortcuts and feel feeding your baby from that packet will help your baby grow strong. Oh please. It’s a big mistake.

Soybean is debatable if it can be used for baby formulae or not. Baby Formula filled with soy is fed to lactose-intolerant infants. However, either your baby is lactose intolerant or not most baby foods are filled with soy protein and soy protein isolates. So, do you think you should feed them that daily? Let us read ahead.

What are the Effects of Baby Formula filled with soy on Infants?

Initially, soy-based food was only used to meet the protein needs of babies who could not tolerate milk or milk-based products or who were lactose intolerant. But now the market is complexly flooded with baby Formula filled with soy.

Making any packaged baby food, requires strict regulations. The best quality of soy formulas, whey formulas are a must for the growth and development of any baby. But nobody follws the rules do they? No. the answer is an excessively big no!

Did you know that your infant can actually be soy intolerant?

Baby Formula filled with soy is nothing but an alternative for vegan

Baby Formula filled with soy is nothing but an alternative for vegan or lactose intolerant infants. But that does not mean that all infants can tolerate soy. Your child can be soy intolerant. Yes. Do you know how many allergies he/she could get from soy?

Allergies from Soy

Diagnosing a soy allergy in your kid is particularly important. There is a chance that your infant can develop asthma or wheezing.
He could get Diarrhea or Gastrointestinal symptoms due to the indigestion issue.

He could also get Nausea and Vomiting. Sometimes some children get skin rashes and hives due to allergic reactions.

Other Health Issues

Soy has high levels of zinc and aluminum. High aluminum can affect a baby’s brain and also bone mass.

You have to be more careful with babies that are born preterm. These babies are at more risk than normal healthy babies.

There are some studies that say that there is a possibility of abnormal thyroid in infants who eat too much soy in their diet. Sometimes there are also chances of hypothyroidism.

The nature of soybean can cause abnormalities in the thyroid function. Any infants who are born with hypothyroidism or has an over or underperforming thyroid gland should avoid soy and soy-based products. It is best not to give Infants with irregular thyroid function soy-based products.

You must keep an eye for any such symptoms in your child and consult a doctor if you find your child suffering from any of those. If you find that your baby is allergic to soy, then these are some other foods that you need to avoid too. You should not give your baby Soy sprouts or Soy flour-based food. Avoid Soy nuts and Soy milk.

It is worrysome, if the soy-based baby formula suits your baby or not but with breast milk there will never be any issues. It is best to go natural as much as possible.

Your baby could get too much estrogen in the body

Did you know that soy contains phytoestrogens? These mimic the female hormone estrogen.

You keep feeding your toddlers and infants this baby food all the time, day in and day out. When you do this the amount of estrogen that you put into the body of the toddler at that exceedingly small age is extremely high. These hormones can prove to be harmful to the growth of the baby.

As adults, any kind of protein or dietary supplement that we consume, we consume it as a supplement only not as full food. We do not replace our whole food or meal with supplements and stop eating our regular food.

But what do parents give infants?

Parents give infants these supplements and formulas day in and day out in every single meal. You need to really Stop!!!

Breast milk and only breast milk is the topmost option

Breast milk is the topmost option to balance an infant’s diet for at least the first six months. After milk, whey is the second-best option.

DO NOT give this packaged baby food in meals the entire day. It should just act as a supplement once or twice in a day and not a whole food. If you keep taking supplements in every meal your body will collapse. Same way please do not stuff your infants with formulas in every meal. Use homemade recipes, fresh fruits, vegetable purees, rice broth, and other recipes that our parents and grandparents fed us as kids.

There are some studies which say that excessive estrogen can cause harm to the infant brain and breast tissues.

Hence, I am 100% sure that I am not going to give my infant baby formula all the time for all meals. The topmost source of food will always remain breast milk. Foods with whey protein supplements or animal-based protein will be my second option and the last one is soy protein supplements.  

It is especially important that as parents of young infants ,you always check the ingredients list on packaged baby food. Let us not be lazy and feed our kids or future kids, Baby Formula filled with soy and ridden with chemicals, sugars, and corn syrups These can cause a lot of damage to the health of our baby. 

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