I was not confused about the indications of thirst or hunger of my body but I was confused about the confusion. How can people get confused on this front? I have never taken a bite from a parantha after entering the home from a long walk under the sun because I was thirsty or emptied a jug of juice because I was hungry. Being a normal person, who can sense his thirst and hunger, I believe that every normal person can understand the indications of their body quite well.

I was confused when I read it that people eat more when they are thirsty because they are confused between thirst and hunger and cannot decide if they are thirsty or hungry. And, I was shocked to see that there are numerous uploaded videos and written numerous blogs about it, telling people when they are hungry or when they are thirsty. After the water-drinking-reminder apps, I have no wish to see an app in my life that will inform people about their hunger or thirst. “Beep- You must eat something now.” Imagine an app saying this. Oh no! Gave me shivers just thinking about it.

Thirst or Hunger- Are They worth Getting Confused?

I do not think so. People eat when they need to do so and they drink when they need to do so. Yes, there are some indications that our body gives when it needs something.  Like-

increased craving for food
  • Feeling weakness
  • Grumbling stomach
  • Feeling stressed and restless
  • Increased craving for food
  • Thinking about food items
  • Decreased work capacity
  • Inability to think clearly

Some of them are the same for needs like thirst, hunger, and lack of sleep. But apart from these indications, our body also gives us other indications like in conjunction with a grumbling stomach, my dried out lips and throat tell me that I need water. My decreased work capacity reminds me that apart from having heavy food at lunch today, I am feeling sleepy because last night I spent too much time with Netflix.

What Is The Reason?

The reason is the hypothalamus. It is the headquarter of the brain that controls emotional responses, thirst, hunger, sexual hormones, fatigue, sleep, etc. Whenever the body is under any stress, it gives indications. But as I said, you can easily understand these indications that the body needs water or it needs food.  The mixed signals are a result of the stressed-out body.

I pass by my favorite restaurant

What I do is that I keep my body hydrated. When it is properly hydrated, the mixed signals are not even a possibility. The body clearly says that it needs food. Or even when it is not hungry, my stomach grumbles every time I pass by my favorite restaurant.

What is the Truth? There is no confusion?

The truth is that the human body is very intelligent. It knows the difference between its own indications and sensations. It has different mechanisms for sensing both thirst and hunger. The body raises its own temperature when an infection enters the body. It heals itself even if you do not tend to a wound. Thinking that such an intelligent body can be confused is not even a question.

So, no more “whether it is thirst or hunger” questions, right?

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