Companies in 2020 are now beginning to understand the value of going green for both environmental and financial benefits. I feel more and more Businesses should go green and start adopting environmental friendly practices. With this mindset they will be helping the society and provide an eco-friendly approach while doing business. If your company hasn’t started green practices, it is time to start now.

Here are some of the reasons why your company should start going green

Reason 1 :Economic benefits

Going green has a significant economic benefit that lowers costs and saves more money. It helps reduce energy consumption that helps save money used on various office bills.

Recycling things in your business is another best way to go green.

Recycling things in your business is another best way to go green. Recyclable products last longer and can save money used for repair and maintenance. It also helps you become more creative as you create new products, reduce production costs and increase sales.

Going green helps to reduce air pollutants providing good health for your staff and less expenditure on hospital bills and insurance products for your staff.

Going green also reduces our dependency on fuel and other resources that are depleting in nature. Having an environmental friendly approach also helps reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment which helps reduce carbon footprints.

Reason 2 :Competitive Advantage over Rivals

The advantage of going green is that you will be one step ahead of your competitors. It gives your business a meaningful approach and customers who are in support of the green environment will publicize your business. It will help you gain the trust of the new age youth and guarantee their loyalty.

environmental friendly packaging like a box cardboard for your products instead of polythene or plastic

For example if you use a more environmental friendly packaging like a box cardboard for your products instead of polythene or plastic and send out a message that you are trying to save the environment from further plastic damage , your business will automatically gain a lot of applaud and respect.

Adding a green campaign to your business helps in building brand awareness. It makes your business identify with the need to create awareness for environmental sustainability. Businesses that are known to support going green movements will have the advantage of increasing their brand’s awareness and reputation.

Reason 3 : Going Paperless Helps The Environment

The average office worker can generate almost about 1kg worth of mixed paper products every day. When you go digital you do not have to waste time in printing things and keeping paper documents like contracts, invoices, outlines. This way you do not lose important information and also your staff effort is reduced.

harming the environment and trees and without relying on wasteful products

When you go paperless you can write and email clients, generate an online invoice, and send it without generating a single piece of paper. This makes all your company work better managed and organized without harming the environment and trees and without relying on wasteful products.

Refilling ink cartridges for printers instead of throwing them away can also help in money-saving. It helps in less investment in the the cost of new cartridges, and reduces the plastic thrown from the cartridge into the environment.

Reason 4 : Going green Gives you Brand loyalty

When Businesses go green, it isn’t just about attracting new customers but it is also about corporate social responsibility (CSR) .You will be surprised to know that CSR can be more effective than advertising. In a sense, customers will love your business for being more socially and environmentally responsible and back again and again.

Reason 5 : Businesses should go green for Staff Health Benefits

Going green has a lot of health benefits. It makes the air that we are breathing clean and also makes our lakes and rivers less polluted. Air pollution can cause over 10 lakh premature deaths every year globally. Going green reduces air pollution and air toxins that destroy our immune system and expose us to diseases and fatal illnesses.

A healthy staff member can be the most productive person at work and home

Breathing clean air gives us, our family and the people working in our company better health.

A healthy staff member can be the most productive person at work and home.

If most companies decide to reduce the atmosphere pollution, it will ultimately improve our quality of our food, water and air and ultimately our body’s health.

Reason 6 :Save money on Office water and electricity bill

Business spaces can also opt for energy generation from solar or wind energy. By taking these measures offices can reduce usage of fuel for electricity consumed.

You can potentially save thousands of rupees on your current water bill and electric bill of your company by merely choosing to be sustainable. Purchasing Energy Star appliances, and water-saving plumbing systems, can save money spent on water and electric bill on an annual basis.

Reason 7 : Businesses should go green for Improved Workplace

Planting more trees and providing green lawns in a company can improve the feel of the overall workplace. They help to reduce the stress levels of the office staff and also help to increase productivity. Having indoor plants also help boost the mood of the office people. They can improve the quality of air by absorbing carbon dioxide.

The office can also opt for green cleaning supplies that have fewer chemicals likes sodium hypochlorite and nitrobenzene. Another great option can be converting the leftover food waste from the lunch cafeteria fertilizer for further plantations. It can also be used to produce methane gas that can produce bio energy.

Going Green can be simple and effective

You do not need to do some crazy ass stuff in office to go green. You can do very simple and effective things that can have a great effect on the environment around you. Going green means doing simple tasks like making sure lights are turned off in rooms without any meetings in offices. Using less water and closing taps in the washroom and also using less plastic for packaging.

Campus that are far away from the city can also offer hybrid vehicles to company employees. This can save money for companies and they have to refund employee for transportation cost

Businesses should thus go green and fulfill their social responsibility. Making profits is important but so is our environment and the future of our children. This approach will help reduce the harm done to our environment. This will save the planet from global warming and other bio-hazards.

Hence it is better that Businesses should go green and protect the environment in the long run.

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