“Knuckle cracking causes arthritis”, it is not just a myth but a believed fact in almost every household. I have seen many people around me who keep cracking their knuckles, neck, or pop their back or knees and make faces as if it is their only source of relief. And I have also seen many young teens who keep cracking their necks or knuckles loudly and look around as if they have achieved a milestone in life. They consider it “kinda cool” as if the louder you are, the cooler you are.

I am not complaining about the sound but whenever someone cracks joints, there is always a smart and intelligent person around, or so they think that they are, who says, “Don’t do that. It weakens your bones and causes arthritis.” They almost shriek as if the cracking sound will alert the monster of arthritis.

LOL! I mean do they even know what they are saying? Do they really think that it is the sound of bones when the joints crack? Is there nothing between our skin and bones? And where does this arthritis came from? We are talking about knuckle cracking, joint cracking, knee popping, or neck popping as they call it. If people believe that it causes arthritis, sorry to say, but it is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Hey, I am not the one who pops his knuckles. So, trust me, I am not on the cracking side.

Have you ever wondered where does this sound come from? Let’s understand.

The Mystery Of The Popping or Cracking Sound

When you crack your joints, the nitrogen bubbles pop

Why do knuckles crack and how do they make sound is not a mystery. In fact, it is a very simple fact. An egg-white like fluid is found in the cavities of synovial joints which reduces friction between the bones, is called synovial fluid. It works like grease in the automotive. When you keep working in the same position for quite some time, the nitrogen bubbles form in the fluid. So, when you crack the joints, the nitrogen bubbles pop and that’s where the sound comes from.

Secondly, when you stand up after a while, the noise from your knee makes everyone look at you because the movements of ligaments around the joints can also cause the popping. For cracking knuckles, it takes almost 25-30 minutes for the nitrogen bubbles to form, until then you have to wait to hear the cool cracking sound.

So, now you know that where does the popping sound comes from. Now, let’s talk about its relation to arthritis.

Knuckle Cracking Causes Arthritis? Not At All.

it does no harm to your fingers, neck or any other joint

Almost every person faces joint problems in their older age. Whether they used to pop or crack their joints or not, some of them may suffer from arthritis. The reason for arthritis in older people is never evident. And so is the connection of knuckle or joint cracking with arthritis. But, if people can believe that drinking water while standing can cause arthritis, then they can also believe that knuckle cracking causes arthritis.

The cracking sound annoys most people and most of all, it annoys every parent when their kids crack the knuckles. As per several studies, there have been no connections found between knuckle cracking and arthritis. In fact, when people crack their joints, they say that it gives them relief. But there is one thing for sure that it does no harm to your fingers, or neck or any other joint and it will surely not cause you arthritis. Studies have proved it.

Wait, it does not give you permission to keep cracking your knuckles all the time. If you do not find any relief, then stop the habit now. It is not a good one. Suppose, you are seated in a meeting, or a class, or discussing an important point with your parents and you suddenly crack your neck, and every eye turns towards you. It happens and all your etiquettes vanish into thin air. If it does you no good, leave it now. Not only this but can you believe that there are superstitions related to knuckle cracking?

Superstitions Around Knuckle Cracking

During my hunt for the truth, I came across an article where I found some superstitions and laughed for almost half an hour. Really, can you believe that an activity that people keep doing almost unconsciously can have superstitions related to it? But I found some. So, are you ready to laugh?

  • It is believed that cracking your knuckles break the bones of your deceased loved ones in their graves. Just imagine them, cursing you every time you crack your bones. LOL!
  • It is considered equivalent to praying to Satan as if you do it on purpose.
  • One more thing, which may be popular among the girls is that the louder the popping sound or the more the number of cracks, the more number of people admire you. Isn’t it a joke? How do your knuckles know who is in love with you?

It’s good, isn’t it? To debunk a myth with a good laugh? Well, read on.

Does Knuckle Cracking Brings You Relief?

Many people claim that it gives them a sense of relief. But orthopedic surgeons believe that it is a psychological thing. It is mostly in your head that it brings you relief. While many people do it even when it causes them pain or results in swelling. If it results in pain or any sort of discomfort, then leave this habit now.

it is not considered a good habit

There have been cases where kids tried to crack the knuckles and instead cracked their bones because they pressed quite too hard. It becomes a habit that people start cracking their neck and back unconsciously until they hear the comforting sound which makes the elders in their home cringe. It is not considered a good habit as it seems annoying to most people. If we talk about etiquettes, this is not a good one.

Of course, it does not give you arthritis, loosens your grip strength, or weakens your bones; but it gives you no actual benefits. It will also be a comfort for the elders in your home who will always believe that knuckle cracking causes arthritis.

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