There is only one thing that Covid-19 did good in this world i.e. it did unveil the true face of media. It affected both the media and your life. It is a bit weird to say that Covid-19 did something good, isn’t it? As for media, they got something to talk and argue about 24*7 while the general public like you came to know how media alters the facts just to make them juicier and sellable, how they are spreading the negativity and making you a victim of this psychological game.

Media And Your Life - Are You A Victim Of Negativity

“The scarcity of coffins in Italy” or “the protest of Americans against lockdown” and “how Pakistan is going to die of hunger during this pandemic”, etc, these news were widespread, but they did not tell you about the people who are volunteering in these tough times, they did not tell you how many people came forward to help migrating families or how extraordinarily doctors and nurses behaved but they show you the riots over lockdown or the punishment police bestowed upon people.

Media and world Issues

The pandemic attacked the earth suddenly, no one was ready. At least it should have knocked but it didn’t. Though, it can’t be changed now. The point is no one was ready for it. There were no PPE kits in several countries, no testing labs for this special guest. With time, testing improved. There used to be 1000 cases out of 10000 people and now there 5000 cases per 1 lac tests. Isn’t it improvement? Isn’t it media’s responsibility to show it and reduce fear among people? But, no. Media is media. And then they claim to be unbiased. LOL! 

Negativity Of Media And Your Life

Do you want to know why do they do so? Because they are running their business. Every business is established to earn profits. These news channels earn profit by settling fear in your life and ask you to watch their programs for some third-grade news as if they have a solution for every problem while the reality is quite the opposite. Every ruling party in every country ensures that the news channels are well paid. Don’t believe it? Well, there are certain Hindi news channels where you can see some well-paid anchors who keep screaming as if they are possessed. But this is reality and if you want to know more, you can read this detailed eBook here.

Negativity of Media and your Life

Like butter is to toast and spinach is to Popeye, negativity is to media. Yes, media is at the stage where a word that can best describe media is negativity. Even if you don’t want to know, they will tell you about “the temple that is haunted by some ancient personality” or “a girl was raped in a distant village” or “India and Pakistan on the verge of war”. If it had been in the hands of media, they would have arranged for wars between America and China, India and Pakistan, India and China and blah, blah, blah.

Media Negativity sucide by fear

This is what the present media is doing, spreading negativity. You must have observed it recently. Every news channel’s first headline has been “the increased number of Covid-19 cases in the country”. Of course, the numbers increased but the entire number increased, right? If people got infected, people recovered as well. They created a hoax around the virus as if it will eat you up if you step out of your house. And it will if you are not cautious. But if you are taking good care of yourself, you can be safe.

Only media could help in informing people that people already suffering from some diseases are dying as the virus attacks their immunity and thus cause their deaths. Even many people died in corona fear. Everyone who is having a bit of fever is testing himself like Corona has finally chosen him/ her. In fact some people also committed suicide over the virus due to the fear that has been instilled by media. But they ask about the drowning economy like fear is going to drive it.

The effects of the Negativity

Just think, the labors who have reached their houses finally, will they ever come back to the cities about whom the media screams that corona has gone out of control? Only god knows how the economy of these states or cities will be back on track after corona. It can only be possible with the help of media who can shoo away this fear in the same way it has instilled it in people’s mind.  

Seriously the effect of media is so severe that first you will get a headache from their stupid news and if by chance you sneezed, you will declare yourself a corona positive. So the best way is to turn off you TV, take a Crocin and see how your so-called “imaginary media-generated” corona runs away.

But media houses know only one thing. They spread negativity. Every time news channels keep on showing disasters, rapes, murders, political issues, wars, and every possible negative news. These are there tactics to attract audiences. To know more, you can click here to access this amazing eBook on the topic.

Impact Of Negative Media

Some people believe in superstitions that if a black cat crosses your way, it’s a bad omen and your day will not be good. But this is a fact, not a superstition, that if you watch negative news for a mere three minutes, you will have negative thoughts in mind for around 6-8 hours. So again, the day is doomed, without an innocent black cat.

Impact Of Negative Media on your brain

This is the effect of media. Media and your life are connected. You want to watch some meaningful news but these news channels and newspapers try to grab you in the clutch of their negativity. You work hard in your office, deal with tits and bits of problems of your life and as and when you switch on the TV to find out about the happenings of the world, you see in detail, how an innocent animal was killed in a certain area.

Do you really think that you can have any positive thoughts after hearing things like this? How can you make an informed decision with a negative mindset? There are far-fetched impacts of negative media which cannot be seen directly but in the long run, they affect you. But of all the sources of negativity, you can remove this one from your life. Seriously, just try it for a week and you will understand the difference.

Why Media Do So?

It’s like asking why does the lion eat animals or why do we go to work. It’s simple – to earn their bread and butter. Well, not only by the increased engagement on their channel but when they show what the ruling party in a country wants, they get some good money.

Punit Dhawan - negativity bias

Even if this is not the case, there are certain tricks in every business. The best weapon in the arsenal of media houses is negativity. There is a simple fact that your mind reacts better towards negative things. No offense, but this is how the human brain works. This is called “negativity bias”. To learn more about it, read this detailed eBook here.

But it does not in any way imply that they should attack you with bombs of negativity. It’s like you asked for candy and you got the entire factory instead. LOL!

Nonsense Debates

Those who control the media have the power to control your mind.”

Media and nonsense debates by Punit Dhawan

If there is something, that everyone hates about a news channel but still watch it are the nonsense debates which are organized by each and every channel.  They place an anchor with good stamina to scream, and some experts who are actually experts in sensationalizing an issue. But people watch them because they make you feel like it is imperative to talk about the India-China border and you must know about it. See, they control your mind.

A general study says that out of 50 debates they conducted, there were only 2 or 3 debates when they talked about an actual issue. For the rest, there is no scarcity of senseless topics. If anyone raises an actual issue, they are tortured or transferred or god knows where they get disappeared. After all these things, kids and young people are advised to watch the news. Do you really feel the need?

Stop Watching The News or Media

Because “you can never find positivity with a negative mind.”

Just when you think of not watching the news, elders will advise you not to binge-watch Netflix and listen to the news to increase your knowledge. Now, how are you going to improve your general knowledge by knowing what a celebrity kid wore on his/her first birthday? Really, they show such things. But do they make sense?

No, they don’t. But if there is one way out of this negativity and the clutch of these paid media channels is to stop watching the news. This is the time to ask questions, to open up and tell them that you don’t want to know about the rapes or murders or how a mother-in-law is planning a conspiracy against the lead actress in the trending soap opera.

Yes, media and your life is connected but you need to break up with these toxic channels. And the best thing about this breakup is that you will sleep better without negative news heading in a newspaper haunting you or an angry news anchor screaming the results of the imaginary India-Pakistan war.

Be Positive and stop watching news

So, unplug the power of media and your life will be full of positivity.

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan is an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Myth-buster & a founder of FaceAdMedia LLC. I am dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010, when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of internet.

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