The internet is filled with blogs and articles on how to transform your life or how to become successful in some easy steps. Then why not there are more successful people in the world if it is so easy to become successful? Simple, because people do not change their habits. You want to transform your life, you want to become successful, you read an article or blog, get excited, decide to change things, but then again, you start your day as you do it every day. What did you change? Nothing. So what will change? Nothing.

If we look back, we can see that every successful person has certain habits and mantras in life they follow. What are yours? Well, you can start by adopting these simple habits.  

Little Habits To Transform Your Life

We are not talking about changing your day upside down. But little changes that matter most.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

“You become what you think.”

The habit of Positive thinking to transform your life

This sentence says it all about the power of thinking. You must believe in the power of your thoughts. From a positive thought springs up an idea, from an idea comes the determination and dedication to convert it into action, and action when executed with a positive mindset reaps success. You may fail but a positive mindset will help you stand up again with another idea. So, understand how to deal with negative people and start thinking positively.

Change Your Morning, Change Your Day

Waking up at 10 am in the morning because you were busy binge-watching last night won’t get you anywhere. You must make an early morning routine. It gives you an ample amount of time to think about your entire day and what you want to achieve today. You may be stuck with a 9 pm-6 am working routine. In that case, at least plan your timing to take out some time and plan your day accordingly. Sounds like general advice but planning ahead gives you focus instead of simply rushing throughout the day without knowing what to do next.

Keep Yourself Fit

“Develop three habits: one to make you happy, one to make you money, and one to keep you fit”.

The habit of exercising

A fitness conscious person like me always advises that fitness is essential. I am not talking about vigorous exercise in the gym for hours. It can be as simple as running or a simple workout. It boosts your confidence; keeps you fit, and gives you time to think clearly by relieving your stress. Exercise is an underrated concept and many people do not find it as life-changing as it is but trust me, it brings changes that you do not perceive.

Keep The Essential

Ask yourself- “Does this task help me achieve my dream?”

If the answer is yes, keep it. If not, then remove the habit. We are talking about simple things again. Eliminate that 1-hour reality show which shows you nothing but how people cannot live peacefully under one roof. Do not meet those people who do not talk about goals. It is essential for keeping your focus intact. Eliminate anything that does not add value to your day and your life.

Reading is a Must

Again, what you read here is important. Unless, you want to become a writer, reading a classic romantic novel is a waste for you. Read something that educates you to excel in your field and industry. Reading increases your focusing ability and gives you ideas. It gives you a vision and broadens your horizon of thinking.

Be Ready to Fall

No matter how many motivational blogs you read, success is not a one-time shot. You will definitely fall and you will have to stand strong again. A success that comes easy is often termed as luck. And unless you have your fair share of failures, you won’t be able to realize the actual taste of success. So, prepare your mind for failure as you do it for success.

Work Hard, Then Work Smart

People always say “Work Smart”. But the way of smart work passes from the town of hard work. If you cannot work an 80 hour week for your dream, the working smart thing is nothing but looking for shortcuts. First, you must learn and learning comes the hard way. Once you excel in it, try doing it your own way and become a master. When you become a master, no one asks you if you work 40 hours a week or 80 hours a week.  So, learn to work hard and then work smart.

Focus On One Goal

You may have multiple goals in life including career, family, personal life, etc. like you need to get your degree, you want to get your dream job, you want to buy yourself a nice place but along with this you need to pay your bills today. All of these need to be prioritized. What’s the most important thing now? Thinking about everything at the same time creates a mess in your mind. Instead, focus on one goal and work on it with all your passion, determination, and dedication.

Work As If There Is No Tomorrow

Do not stall things. Do it now. Open that extra saving account now, you have been planning on opening to save some money, make that call now, answer the email now. “Will do it later” attitude heaps up things, which makes them look like a burden later on. Work as if there is not tomorrow. Clean up your planner before going to bed. Make a fresh plan for the next day.

The Hurdle Of Social Media

The hurdle of Social Media

Unless it helps you in achieving your goal, stay away from it. Uploading a picture day and night will do you no good unless you are an influencer. Most people think, “how social media is a hurdle. I rarely open it once a day.” Here you need to think clearly. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and, Tinder or Cupid (for some people) are the social media networks that are available on every phone.

Every one of these platforms beeps with at least 50-100 messages or notifications in a day. Their 100 beeps, the time spent on reading 100 messages or notifications, and 100 times you lose focus. This is where most of your time goes and you keep whining about the lack of time. If they are not adding value to your life, remove them. If you actually want to stay in touch with people, make a call. It is better than fake social media likes and comments.

Take Out Time For Self-Care

You want to transform your life. It is possible only if you transform yourself. Take some time out of your day to think about yourself. Introspect, think about what you need to change in yourself and in your surroundings, think about your flaws, and how you can overcome them. You are always a work-in-progress. The day you consider yourself a finished product as if you know everything and there is nothing else you need to learn, you are finished.

Develop New Habits

After all these changes I asked you to make in your life, you may want to know what other skills I am talking about. I am talking about things that make you stand out. You can work on your English if you are weak in that section, you can learn a new skill like learn a new language, learn to cook something, learn a new musical instrument, or do anything that lifts your mood. If music makes you happy, take out time for it. These little things make you happy, elevates your mood, make you think clearly, and increase your productivity.


There are several success stories out there but all of them started when a person worked with all his focus on one thing when a person changed his habits and brought a change in his own life. You can be another success story. All you need to do is change your habits to transform your life.    

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