We all know that soybean is one of the most controversial and wrongly consumed foods. We have heard of a lot of myths surrounding soybean for health. But what if it is all not true? What if we are eating Soy in a completely wrong way?

Big problem with Soy

The problem with soy is that mass produced GMO based Soy has taken over the world and caused a lot of stress and health issues. GMO means genetically modified food that are not organic in nature. These are mass produced dead foods with no nutrients.

But what if I tell you that I now know the secret behind eating soy the correct way? Do you want to know? Ok let me tell you.

What happened when I ate Soy the correct way?

After consuming soy, the correct way, I found a great deal of energy in my body. My reports came positive for vitamin A, B, B12, D, zinc, iron, potassium, and calcium. I was able to get my daily requirement of protein for my workouts. My bones and muscles felt stronger and I felt a glow on my skin and face.

So how did I consume soy for these wonderful results?

The Correct way to Eat Soybean for Health

So, in the traditional Japanese and Asian diet, 20% of their daily meals comprise of Soy. They have particularly good skin, excellent longevity rates, and very few heart diseases. So why so much of difference in the way we eat them and the way they prepare them?

The answer is fermented soy.

You may find this shocking but one of the best ways of eating soy is boiling the soy and then soaking it overnight. Soaking the soy overnight makes it fermented soy.

Some of the widely consumed types of Fermented soybean are

  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  •  Fermented Tofu
  •  Soy sauce
  •  Natto
You can simply soak soybean overnight and consume it in the morning like a Soy sabzi or vegetable

Also, some of the other correct ways to use soybean for health are given below.

  1. You can add Fermented Soybean in salads or soups.
  2. You can simply soak soybean overnight and consume it in the morning.
  3. Soy sabzi or vegetable.
  4. Variants of Soy like Tofu, temp miso, soy milk, fermented soybeans.

Why should we Cook soy in the correct way?

Food provides us with nutrients that we need for the functioning of our bodies. But did you know food can also have anti-nutrients?

Anti-nutrients do not allow the regular absorption of vital nutrients into our bodies. Soy is one such food that contains some amount of anti-nutrients.

So, the problem is, if you dont cook and consume Soy in the correct way these anti-nutrients will cause problems in our body and create health issues.

Reducing the amount of anti-nutrients in soybean is the best way to consume soybean for health. So, let us see some of the ways here.


Soaking is a method where you soak the soybean in water overnight. Antinutrients generally stick to the skin of soybean. Anti-nutrients are water-soluble and dissolve when you soak food. So, we can get soybean’s health benefits by soaking them.


The sprouting process is also called Germination. When you sprout soybean for health, it increases the nutrients. It breaks down the antinutrients and makes soybean more easily edible.

Fermented Soy

fermented soy and cooked soy in your daily diet

The Bacteria or yeast present in the fermented soybean, work on the carbohydrates and make it easily digestible. Fermentation is one of the most widely used way by Asians for consuming soy.

By combining all these simple methods, the antinutrients from soybean can be removed almost completely and we can obtain the best soybean health benefits. So do use methods like fermented soy and cooked soy in your daily diet and see the difference in your body and skin instantly. Cheers.

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