Be it a fitness lover or not, everyone has heard that they should drink 8 glasses of water a day. Some people even install high-end applications in their mobile phones to remind them that their body needs water. Suppressing my laugh, I want to ask all of these people, is your body so inactive that it cannot decide on its own whether it needs water or when does it need water? Can’t it perform the simple function of telling you what does it need? Seriously, this technology is making some of us handicapped.

So, coming back to the 8 glasses of water, I used to drink bottles of water in a day. Two or three bottles of water accompanied me at all times. I also used to visit the washroom every few minutes, getting curious glances from people around me in office, gym, etc. who thought whether I was suffering from a problem Yes, I was. I was suffering from the water myth problem that made me have a large amount of water intake. But then I came across these facts that opened my eyes. You need to know these too.

Are 8 Glasses of Water enough?

bladder was on the verge of bursting

Firstly, I want to ask who decided that you should drink 8 glasses of water. I mean, it is my body what if I want to drink 10 glasses of water or how does anyone know how much water does my body needs?  For a long time, I believed this myth blindly and drank so much water that sometimes I felt that my bladder was on the verge of bursting. But I believed it nonetheless.

Now that I think of it, I scold myself for believing something which has no basis. But the reason people gave me for drinking 8 glasses of water is really stupid.

Some used to drink it for fairer, pimple-free skin, some used to drink it for reducing the belly fat, while some drank 8 glasses of water because their elders told them to do so and some drank it because of various health bloggers, trainers, and Fitness Gurus on YouTube advice it to their followers. It shocked me.

What about the Beverages?

One day when I was having my sweet corn soup, I looked at it intently and the question came to my mind, “It is also a form of water. Will you count it in your 8 glasses?” Again one day, when I was having my coffee, my mind bugged me. It happened with buttermilk, curry, shakes, etc. You may find it strange, but for a person like me who was very conscious about everything he took in, it was normal.

Water from food ie. apple

So I decided to explore the internet and found that we also take water from our food and other drinks. Now there was a huge question looming over my mind? Whether I should count it in my water intake? If yes, how do I measure it?

At last, I concluded that I don’t want to count my glasses of water. I don’t want to think about everything before I eat or drink it. It was then that I made a decision that I will not believe in every blog, article, or YouTube video unless it makes sense to me or unless I find some solid reason behind the advice. I found that there is huge information on the Internet. All we need to do is dig deeper and find the right one for us.

What about you?

I realized that drinking water when I need it is the best way to keep myself hydrated and healthy. Alarms and apps just to drink water? I don’t want it. I just need to let my body function. A high amount of water intake unnecessarily was not going to get me any extra abs. I changed my habit, what about you?

Are you still trapped in the myth of 8 glasses of water a day?

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan is an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Myth-buster & a founder of FaceAdMedia LLC. I am dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010, when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of internet.

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