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Who I Am?

I am Punit Dhawan, an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Health Myth-buster & the founder of FaceAdMedia LLC and Outcomedia LLC in United States of America. A dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010 when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of the internet.

My internet marketing journey that started with freelancing, White Hat SEO, affiliate marketing to grow into an eCommerce handler has not been a cakewalk. I have not just worked day and night with full conviction and dedication to turn my business ideas into a living dream, but also sacrificed my social life to stand where I am today.

I’ve always believed that “the bigger your dreams are, the bigger the results will be, as most people who fail in life are the ones who never had big dreams – dreams that could have possibly changed their destinies.”

From overcoming stammering through self-learning to bringing my company to where it is today, I have achieved a lot at a very young age! Self-learning is my speciality and that is what sets me apart from the rest. After reading several scientific case studies, learning about Ayurveda (Brhat Trayi) and going through every piece of information available, I understood that while the internet has a lot of information, most of it is not true and based on myths and owing to his passion of being an unbiased health instructor, today I am the author of several health-related myth-busting books across the globe.

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