Let me tell you that this incident clears doubts about “Is consuming apple cider vinegar good for health”.

The other day when I was working out in the gym, I came across a long-lost friend of mine. Not actually long lost, it was four months we hadn’t met or spoken. Anyway, it felt good to see him back in the gym.

The reason why I talk about being happy seeing him back in the gym is because he always looked for short cuts to lose weight and I always told him there’s nothing more satisfying than a good workout. We later came down to talking about how health and exercising has been in the past couple of months in the lockdown. Let me tell you here that my friend is tall, fair and has or should I say had amazing skin. The reason why I’m saying has is mentioned further.

He told me that somebody in his neighbourhood advised him to have apple cider vinegar to lose weight. Not just any normal apple cider vinegar you get in the stores, but the one ‘with the mother’. He researched the internet and was glad when he learnt about its supposed benefits for weight loss, heart health, managing cholesterol and blood sugar levels and improving digestion.

What is apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’?

Basically, when apple cider vinegar is made, certain nutrients and ingredients used for the fermentation process are removed. This is why you get the clear brown liquid.

Fermentation Process

However, apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ is the one from which nothing is removed. All ingredients, catalysts (elements or chemicals that speed up chemical reactions) if any, and anything that is a part of the vinegar-making process are present in the end product, i.e. apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’.

Now this is what he did- He had three and a half teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily in the morning. He did so on an empty stomach and had two glasses of water after that. He said that after two weeks, he had lost precisely 260 grams of weight. This motivated him to continue with it. Later on, since he was very impressed and taken up with this magic drink that helps you lose weight without exercising, he googled some more benefits of it. He learnt that it is excellent for skin and hair. So once a week, he applied apple cider vinegar on his face and his hair.

Day-32 – update of consuming apple cider vinegar

This is when I interrupted and asked him to tell me the results. He said that by now he had lost 750 grams in weight. His hair felt ‘lighter’ and skin felt a little more plump. Just like me, you too might be wondering what does lighter mean. He told me that though he had dense hair, he felt as if there is hardly any hair on his head and his head felt lighter. Not forgetting to mention- No hair fall was recorded.

He also told me that his blood sugar levels were lower and in control. So he continued with his apple cider vinegar regime.

Day-57 – update of daily consuming apple cider vinegar

He said day 57 was the last day of this magic potion in his life, or shall I refer to it the way he did – poison potion! He said that his hair that felt lighter actually began to disappear because he developed massive hair fall. His skin which was plump began to sag and lost its charm. Talking about his weight, he had just lost 1100 grams. Now here comes the catch, he said he had aching bones for practically 10 days and when he went to the doctor, he realised that the apple cider vinegar had been affecting his bones slowly and gradually.

Combining his and my experience, one thing that I can surely say is that apple cider vinegar has far more disadvantages than benefits. Although it does help in blood sugar levels, it harms the body slowly in ways unimaginable. It’s been practically a month now that my friend has stopped taking that vinegar and sadly, he’s on skin and hair medicines along with calcium tablets to regain his bone health.

Being an unbiased health instructor and a passionate health enthusiast, my researches and studies have taught me that there is never any alternative to a healthy lifestyle and a good workout.

Owing to the common misconception that apple cider vinegar helps lose weight, I would like to draw your attention here that after 57 days of daily consumption of this vinegar, my friend lost only 1100 grams of weight. Don’t you think a 20 minute walk everyday can help you lose more than that?

The main question that arises here is how blinded are you by myths. Did you begin reading this article with the hope of knowing another miraculous story of weight loss? Well, I consider it my duty to reveal the truth to you.

You can use Apple Cider Vinegar though

Apple cider vinegar’s daily consumption is harmful. However, you can use it sometimes in your salad dressings. It tastes yummy, trust me I use it too for my salads. And before you wonder more about the reality of this vinegar, it is my humble request to you to pick your information from reliable sources. Rather than random websites, refer to medical studies and websites and you will understand the vast difference in the information that is provided.

Is consuming apple cider vinegar good for health? I don’t mean to sound promotional, but if you feel you need to know more about apple cider vinegar, you can always refer to my book. You’ll find all the information you need to know in it. Plus, if you are a fan of this vinegar and do not want to get rid of it from your life, you can read the end section of the book in which I discuss about how to make apple cider vinegar a part of your lives safely.

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