movement of body comes into picture

This world is busy running towards the finish line and in all the hustle-bustle people always forget to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing. That is where movement of body comes into picture.  And on realizing that they just need to take a few steps to stay fit, they do it all wrong. Because they tend go to gyms, have a balanced diet planned out and do hundred other tantrums to achieve their goal of staying fit or losing weight.

But between doing all that, they always forget the most important thing, Movement of Body! Let’s put this out for you, a lot of people believe that sitting down and having less food intake or a planned diet will result in their weight loss. But it is high time someone told you that it is not true at all! So sit down and think about that while reading this article. You could also stand up and read this because you will definitely feel like taking a walk after reading ahead!

Why movement of body is a necessary aspect?

sedentary lifestyle i.e. sitting idle for a long period of time

“Eat less to stay healthy”; this is a mantra offered by various trainers and self-claimed health experts. But Hello! Human bodies are not made to sit down and eat less food. Instead our bodies are made to eat adequate amount of food and move more.  Because your body works to metabolize food, it breaks down food and distributes it to various parts of the body. And movement of body makes it easier for the body to do so because it increases the metabolism speed. In today’s date, people have developed a sedentary lifestyle i.e. sitting idle for a long period of time. Well, that needs to be changed. And this eBook is a step towards changing people’s perspective about sitting idle and motivating them towards working out.

Difference of body movement between your ancestors and you!

Working out and movement of body

Fat loss and a well maintained physical health is strongly linked to Working out and movement of body. Are you aware that your ancestors used to have a longer life as compared to the average life span of people these days? Have you wondered why? Well that is because there is a major difference between the life of your ancestors and the lifestyle of people these days; your ancestors used to move, a lot. But today’s world has become the victim of sedentary lifestyle.

Your ancestors did not believe in sitting idle, they believed in walking and doing hard work via physical activities. But if you look at your lifestyle today you will realize that you are also working hard but not via physical activities. You are working hard by sitting in one place and using human inventions and technology to get your work done.

lying down in some not so suitable position

You wake up in the morning and you have your breakfast while sitting on your table, you work on your job and you do that while sitting for long hours on a seat, you are seated even when you travel, you come home and sit down to watch the television and it won’t come out as a surprise if you are reading this article on your device right now while sitting or lying down in some not so suitable position. And if all of the above said things are true then you definitely need to bring some changes in your life before you get exposed to some disorder or disease. And in order to find out how you can bring those changes you need to take a look at this well written and research filled eBook.

Sedentary lifestyle is killing the movement of body

You might have always heard quotes, slogans and advertisements saying “Smoking is Injurious to health”; well here is a brand new quote that you should pay attention to:

Sitting idle for long hours without any body movement is equally injurious to health.

Punit Dhawan
Movement of body can reduce the cases of slip-disk

Most of the working desks in the World require you to work while sitting for long hours on your seat, and it is no secret that since the past few years there has been an increase in cases of slip-disk. And that is obviously because of the sedentary lifestyle that is followed these days. Some researchers suggested that a ‘Standing Desks’ system can be adopted in order to reduce cases of lower back pain. But the problem is that standing desk systems just won’t help, you need to MOVE. You need to understand that excessive standing can also lead to a lot of issues. Hence that is not the solution for sitting idle. If you want to see what can be done for Sedentary Lifestyle issue and how you can overcome it; you definitely need to take a look at this eBook.

Is the concept of 10,000 steps per day a correct fact for body movement?

If you are someone who is into fitness and well-being of your body then you might have come across a lot of books or websites that deliver that “10,000 steps per day is the key to a healthy lifestyle!”

10,000 steps per day is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

Are you wondering whether that is true or just a fact less myth? Well then once again you are looking at the perfect article to solve that doubt. Well YES, it is true that 10,000 steps a day is definitely a nice and well-researched concept. But you should be aware about the details too. 2.5 feet is the length of an average stride (the distance between your legs when you take a step).

So if you calculate then that comes around to be 8 kilometres per day. This concept has a Japanese origin to it and it is recommended from children to old adults. For an average adult, this number is a good fit with a normal diet. In case your intake of calories is way too much then your number of steps also needs to increase. If you still have any doubts about this or need to see some relevant research then it’s a great thing that this eBook is available to your rescue.

Why just working out daily is not enough for movement of body?

But I work out daily man; I don’t need to read an article to tell me anything else.” Well hey superhero, hate to tell this to you but your daily squats, weight lifting and crunches aren’t the ultimate solution for a perfectly fit body! All your body parts have a very essential role in keeping up the systems of your body then why just focus on leg day or chest day? Why not focus on your entire body apart from whatever time you spend in the gym?

Your entire body was made to move hence it is necessary that you don’t just workout daily but also move from time to time. And here is a free advice, “Walk more, move more, live longer.” Don’t believe it? You should because it is true. Research suggests that people who walk more as compared to the people who don’t have lesser anxiety, depression, back pain and other issues. Where in people who don’t walk as much did not really set a great example for a healthy body.

Movement is the greatest medicine for bringing a change in a person’s mental, emotional and physical states.

Punit Dhawan
Why just working out daily is not enough for movement of body

Movement of your body leads to blood flowing to your brains and that helps you in keeping a straight mind. Try this, whenever you are tired, just feeling lazy or completely bored with working continuously, take a walk. You will feel better and new ideas will start rushing to your brain. You just happen to take better decisions when your body has worked out a little.

How to carry out Body Movement in day-to-day life?

Fitness is of your body is not about working out for one whole year building six pack abs for Instagram or any other social media platform and then forgetting it completely. Exercising and movement of body is like worshipping your body and paying it the respect that it deserves. Your body’s immunity depends upon your movement.

In today’s hustle-bustle it is very difficult to pay attention on just staying healthy all the time. But what if you were told that bringing about a few changes in your regular life is all you need to do?

  1. Bring changes in your daily body postures
  2. Prefer sitting on the floor like the old times
  3. Don’t get into a lazy position and get too comfortable on a chair. Better be safe rather than being sorry later right?
  4. Even during work hours or school hours, do not sit for more than 45 minutes without moving
  5. Encourage Standing meetings
  6. Prefer the stairs over the lift sometimes
  7. Try sitting down upright at an angle of 90 degrees with your chest in front of your chin
  8. Rather than stretching on useless conversations in your office;  stretch out your body and take a walk once in a while
  9. Walk tall and straight like a soldier, do not bend
  10. Focus on workouts which lead to overall body movement
  11. Sit in multiple and correct body postures
And this is not all! This thrilling yet inspiring eBook will tell you the complete details about the necessity of correct postures and body movement.

Just remember that Motion is one of the basic and most beautiful qualities of nature. When seasons change, that is due to motion of the earth around the sun. These changes keep on the world going. In the same manner, humans became what they are today after living a nomadic and a wild life and human bodies have been designed to move from the start. So it is high time you get from your couch and spend some time walking in the nature. Movement of body is a blessing that will help you live healthier and longer.

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan is an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Myth-buster & a founder of FaceAdMedia LLC. I am dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010, when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of internet.

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