Feeling dull and tired? Time to put into action the benefits of coffee beans. Just imagine a kickstart to your day by the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the kitchen Aaaah!! A cold morning with a newspaper and a cup of piping hot coffee. What a perfect life.!

A common quote around coffee says-

A yawn is like a scream for coffee! -True isn't it .

“A yawn is like a scream for coffee! -True isn’t it “.

Coffee is like a wake-up call to our sleepy eyes, but there is a lot more to this morning cup of ours.

Coffee is one of the world’s most favorite and popular beverages consumed by over 15 crore people worldwide. Coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. It has a mesmerizing taste and seductive smell. The world-famous

Giacomo Casanova explain by Punit Dhawan

Giacomo Casanova who seduced multiple women in his life also preferred coffee over alcohol, since coffee was so captivating and seductive. There are plenty of benefits of coffee beans that we do not know about. Some health benefits of coffee include aid to heart diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, depression, etc.

But haven’t you heard the latest claims around coffee that say that coffee is bad for health? Haven’t you heard people say that drinking coffee early morning on an empty stomach is bad or coffee should not be had every day? Jeez! Is that true? So, what exactly is the real truth? 

In this article, we will understand and debunk some of the most talked-about arguments related to our dearest cup of coffee. We will discuss the pros and cons of coffee and how and when we should consume it. Excited? Ok Grab your cup of coffee and start reading.

So, what are the common arguments around the Benefits of Coffee Beans?

Coffee is a very regional and culture-specific drink. Coffee is a staple drink of south India and Tea is a staple drink in North and East India. If someone visits south India and claims that coffee is harmful to health, people will laugh at him and think he is crazy. The same goes for tea in north India. Hence it is especially important to understand why coffee is good or bad for different types of people, living in different environments.

common arguments around the Benefits of Coffee Beans

When people think of coffee, they think that it is only important for giving an energy boost or they think that if they have more than 1 cup, they will fall sick. But you will be surprised to know that based on years of consumption of coffee worldwide, coffee can offer a wide range of health benefits.

There are a lot of arguments surrounding the use of coffee in day to day life. So here are a few common myths involving coffee that we will discuss in this article.

  1. Can coffee make you smarter?
  2. Does coffee cause acidity?
  3. What kind of coffee is good for health?
  4. Does coffee protect the liver?
  5. Is it allowed to have coffee first thing in the morning?
  6. Can coffee cause a lack of sleep before bedtime?
  7. Is it safe for pregnant women have coffee?
  8. Does coffee stain your teeth?
  9. Does excess amount of coffee cause problems when not consumed?
  10. Do you age better when you quit coffee?
  11. Is it true that coffee can cause anxiety?
  12. Does coffee Reduce Depression?
  13. Can coffee Improve Physical Performance?

So let us begin and talk about all the myths one by one

Myth 1: Can coffee make you smarter?

Feeling incredibly positive, focused, and motivated lately? Your dopamine seems to be high. Wow!

Can coffee make you smarter

Dopamine is a type of chemical in the brain that has a positive impact on your happiness. It is vital for emotional and mental health and for motivation and desire. Coffee helps to stimulate dopamine production in the body.

Caffeine is extremely useful in activating your mind and making you more alert. That alertness can help you use your brain at optimum levels.

Caffeine can help maximize the level of intelligence by reducing tiredness and make it easy to perform pending tasks like studying or working.

Caffeine may not directly make you smart but will give a boost to the results you are looking for. This is one of the best health benefits of coffee beans.

Hence next time you have an exam or work pressure go get your cup of hot coffee.

Myth 2: Does coffee cause acidity?

“Are you bloated and uneasy? Did you drink too much coffee “

Does coffee cause acidity

Coffee is full of amazing health benefits. However, as we all know just like tomatoes, oranges, garlic, etc. our beloved coffee also comes under acidic food. Coffee can cause an increase in the production of stomach acids. This can cause heartburn or acid reflux.

However, if you are a regular coffee drinker and you do not have issues of stomach ulcers or stomach acidity just like other foods coffee will not cause any problems in your body. We will discuss this in detail in our eBook.

BUT if you have problems with acidity or other digestion issues it is best advised to avoid consumption of coffee or reduce the amount you drink.

Myth 3: What kind of coffee is good for health?

What kind of coffee is good for health

“One cup of cappuccino, please? You will be happy to know that apart from your favorite cappuccino in your nearby Barista or Cafe Coffee Day there are loads of other coffees.”

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. Many health practitioners believe in the health benefits of coffee beans, if consumed in the right way and the right amount. There are several types of coffee that you can drink for a good energy boost and good health benefits.

Some of the coffees that people have around the world with some amazing health benefits are

  • Flat white Coffee
  • Almond Milk Coffee
  • Soy Flat White
  • Black Coffee
  • Soy Latte
  • Sugarless Coffee
  • Organic Beans Coffee
  • Cinnamon Coffee
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Turmeric Coffee

Myth 4: Does coffee protect the liver?

“Are you suffering from liver issues? Coffee might be the answer.”

A lot of Doctors and health experts think that coffee might be vital in fighting against liver disease. It is easily available, tasty, and does not cost too much.

Some benefits of Coffee Beans - Does coffee protect the liver

Coffee has great effects on the body to fight liver-related diseases. It can cure conditions like Liver cancer, Fibrosis, a disease that creates scar tissue from inside your liver and also the last stage of fibrosis that is Cirrhosis. It can also fight fatty liver disease that develops due to extra fat deposits on the liver adding to the health benefits of coffee beans.

In one study, researchers found that people who drank 2 cups a day cut the odds of getting cirrhosis by 44%, and the ones who drank 4 cups a day reduced the odds of getting cirrhosis by 65%.Hence coffee is exceptionally helpful in curing liver-related diseases.

Myth 5: Is it allowed to have coffee first thing in the morning?

A lot of dieticians and health experts have recently passed statements that coffee should not be consumed first thing in the morning. Jeez! These are baseless statements.

Is it allowed to have coffee first thing in the morning - benefits of Coffee Beans

Cortisol is a stress hormone that our body produces. Cortisol is a steroid that is a part of the family of glucocorticoid hormones. You can understand the detailed importance of these glucocorticoid hormones for the functioning of the body in our eBook. 

Cortisol hormone is generally released in high amounts in the body when the body goes through stress in day to day life like work, physical activity, pollution, bad dietary habits, lack of sleep, and changes in lifestyle. In normal day to day life, the body produces cortisol in particular timings and cycles. If the body produces High amounts of cortisol early in the morning and the production goes down by late evening.

The body produces cortisol in the morning so that the brain activity and energy of the body peak up and we can wake up. If it does not rise, we will not be able to wake up. Having coffee early in the morning helps the cortisol levels to maintain and gives you that extra kick of energy to perform your tasks or go to work or do your endurance exercises in the gym. 

The cortisol levels for people who drink coffee regularly remains the same since their body is already adapted to the caffeine kick in coffee. The cortisol levels automatically go down in 3-6 hours and that is how the body goes back to sleep later at night. 

Hence it is safe to consume coffee in the morning and morning is the best time to have coffee because the body’s cortisol levels are anyways high. This adds to the health benefits of coffee beans.

Myth 6: Can coffee cause a lack of sleep before bedtime?

Can coffee cause a lack of sleep before bedtime

As we all know now that cortisol hormone is generally released in high amounts in the body when the body goes through stress in day to day life like work, physical activity, pollution, bad dietary habits, lack of sleep, and changes in lifestyle. In normal day to day life.

The body produces cortisol early in the morning and the production of cortisol goes down by late evening.

The caffeine in coffee shoots up or helps the cortisol levels to peak up and gives energy to the body and keeps it active. It is common sense that if a person wants to have a good night’s sleep and consumes coffee at bedtime eventually his body will become active and energetic. He will not get sleep and *the body’s stress levels will remain high. Hence it is best that since the natural cortisol levels of the body go down by late evening you should not consume coffee after late evening to peak them up again or at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

There are also some studies that, if coffee is taken later in the day or in large amounts, it can cause insomnia. Insomnia is a condition where the body cannot put itself to sleep and is always in active mode.

However, there are also a few exceptions. There are 30-40% of people worldwide who work during night shifts. They work all night and need the kick of energy to stay up. In such cases, consuming coffee at night would help them concentrate and be alert and keep their energy levels high.

Myth 7: Is it safe for pregnant women have coffee?

The researchers added that coffee consumption may not be safe during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage, underweight baby, or preterm birth.

Myth 8: Does coffee stain your teeth?

Does coffee stain your teeth

“Stains on your teeth? Are you having too much coffee or tea?”

Coffee, tea, wine these drinks have an ingredient called Tannins in them.

Tannins is a substance that causes the color of the drink to stick to your teeth. Due to this, your beautiful pearly white teeth look yellow and stained Yuk!

Hence remember to brush your pearly whites after you enjoy that delicious cup of tea to avoid teeth discoloration.

Myth 9: Does excess amount of coffee cause problems when not consumed?

“Caffeine withdrawal is a real thing. Food withdrawal means when you have a certain food like tea, coffee, drugs or alcohol for long periods of time which becomes an addiction and then you suddenly stop it, the body cannot adjust to that.”

Anything, when taken in access, can be difficult to stop or let go of. Hence it is said that moderation is key. One unpleasant side effect of caffeine withdrawal is headaches. We will discuss more about this topic in our eBook.

Myth 10: Do you age better when you quit coffee?

Your skin seems to be dry and dehydrated recently? Blame coffee”

Collagen is a protein in the body responsible for the tightening of the skin.

Studies have claimed that caffeine interferes with collagen formation and reduces production. This can increase wrinkles and aging.

If you consume coffee during late nights or in excessive amounts lack of sleep can also make you age faster. Coffee can also cause dehydration. If you drink less water, it could cause your skin to look dry and flaky.

Myth 11: Is it true that coffee can cause anxiety?

“Feeling highly anxious lately? There is a possibility that too much caffeine might be the problem.”

Is it true that coffee can cause anxiety

“Fight or flight” hormones are hormones that the body releases when the brain sees a threat or gets extremely scared. These hormones increase blood pressure, heart palpitations, and can even cause panic attacks. That is a response of the body to any threat and the brain then decides if it wants to fight or run from the threat.

Caffeine comes with a burst of energy. Overdose of coffee can stimulate our “fight or flight” hormones. This can cause unnecessary anxiety, nervousness, and heart palpitations People who are already prone to such panic attacks can find their situation getting worse with coffee.

Myth 12: Does coffee Reduce Depression?

“Most of us are running towards a rat race that has no end resulting in depression and failure”

Does coffee Reduce Depression - Some great benefits of Coffee Beans

Depression is a serious mental issue that can reduce the quality of life of a person. It is said that 4.1% of people in the US are claimed to be in some form of clinical depression. Depression is often treated using medicines and psychiatric treatments. It causes long periods of extreme sadness.

Caffeine affects the dopamine levels in our brains positively. This keeps us happier and motivated and reduces suicidal tendencies.

But some research suggests that caffeine has a temporary but uplifting effect on people with depression. The kick or jolt caused by coffee works as an accelerator to the medication and gives quick relief. In 2011, Harvard published a study about women who drank more than 4 cups of coffee per day and had a 20% lower risk of depression adding to the health benefits of coffee beans.

Myth 13: Can coffee Improve Physical Performance?

“All of us know that feeling you get after an amazing workout! Arggg!!

But no pain no gain.”

We all know that coffee, energy drinks, tea improve the overall physical performance of the body and give you a kick and energy if you are tired.

Some great benefits of Coffee Beans -Can coffee Improve Physical Performance

Caffeine found in coffee is a natural stimulant that acts on our central nervous system and reduces drowsiness and tiredness. It is a popular performance enhancer for bodybuilders and athletes.

Caffeine is also known as a fat-burning supplement. It is one of the few natural substances that helps in fat burning and is found in almost every fat burning food sold in the market. It gets absorbed into the bloodstream and spikes the blood levels after 90-100 minutes. The effects of caffeine stay for 3–4 hours and then drop. This increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Caffeine also impacts the motor cortex. This organ is a part of the brain that helps in signaling muscle activation so that you can perform movements.

Gosh, so it makes sense that you brew yourself a strong cup of coffee early morning and prepare yourself for some high endurance exercise before you hit the gym.

Hence from all the discussions above we know that coffee has numerous health benefits. You must have factual knowledge about the food you consume rather than blindly trusting myths. The benefits of coffee beans are plenty and humans worldwide are consuming coffee since centuries.

Punit Dhawan

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