I have always considered honesty and integrity to be the most important values for workplace success. Both these values not only make you a better person, but also help you become a better leader. For instance, when you believe in a business idea or plan, you need to stand by it under all circumstances. This is where the ethical values help offer the inspiration and motivation you need in life.

“Real success is when you uphold the values of honesty and integrity, and refuse to compromise your principles”

Punit Dhawan

Notion of Honesty and Integrity

According to me, integrity is about doing the right thing even if it is about making the smallest decision at the workplace. It’s about being honest and truthful in your intentions, words and actions. Another reason why I feel that honesty and integrity are keys to achieve success at the workplace is the fact that when you have the guts to stay truthful at all times as a leader, you’ll automatically surround yourself with honest people who will tell the truth and help build a motivated and positive team for your business.

“If You Take Moral Shortcuts, Your Success Will Be Short-Lived Too”

Punit Dhawan

I feel that no matter how successful you become in life, you success will only last if it’s laid on the foundation of integrity. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life, you cannot take moral shortcuts and enjoy a success that is lasting. If the foundation of your success is built on lies, there will come a time when you will have to face the truth.

In real life, you need a lot of courage to stick to your principles and speak the truth, no matter how ugly the truth is. As I believe, “You need to fight with your negative thinking and reinforce positive thinking”. You need to remember that when you are being honest at work or in life, you are not doing a favor to others but your own self. This is why, the most successful leaders in the world are the ones who make no exceptions to their values and treat people with utmost fairness under all circumstances.

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan is an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Myth-buster & a founder of FaceAdMedia LLC. I am dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010, when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of internet.

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