We all experience a fear of failure at some point in our lives. There was a time when just like everyone else, I too was not prepared to face this reality. But, with time I realized that your life experiences will remain incomplete without failure. In the end, it is not failure itself, but how you look at it that matters!

“Looking back, you will realize that your failures make your life more rewarding and complete”

Punit Dhawan

Positive Thinking Is Central To Overcome Fear Of Failure

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking, especially, when it comes to overcoming your fear of failure. Most of the times, we are afraid of failing because of our own pre conceived notions about a certain situation or challenge. We instantly jump to wrong conclusions and underestimate our own capabilities. Sometimes, the fear is so deeply rooted in your mind that you don’t even attempt to meet a certain challenge. This is where positive thinking comes into play in my opinion. You need to fight with your negative thinking and reinforce positive thinking. This is how you will be able to build your self confidence and approach a difficult situation right in the face.

Start With Setting Small Goals

One of the biggest reasons why people develop a fear of failure is because of setting impractical life goals. Setting life goals is great, but your goals should not become a reason of stopping you from moving ahead in life. So, I always start by setting small goals in life. Goals that will not just help challenge me from time to time, but also give me the confidence in your own abilities. It is these small goals that will be the stepping stones to pave a way for your biggest ambitions in life. I feel that sometimes you need to keep the end results aside. Instead, you should focus on the little things you can do in the present to fulfill your life goals.

Right when you remove the fear of failure from your mind, life will welcome you with many fruitful opportunities and learning experiences. “Only once you start embracing challenges that life throws at you, your journey towards your goals will begin”

Punit Dhawan

Punit Dhawan is an Entrepreneur, Digital marketer, unbiased researcher, Myth-buster & a founder of FaceAdMedia LLC. I am dropout by choice and entrepreneur by passion, I started my internet marketing career right after completing 12th grade. It was during an event that I attended in the year 2010, when I was first exposed to the endless possibilities of generating income with the help of internet.

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