Is sugar taking up a big share of your daily calorie intake? Are you really looking for a safe Sugar alternative for diet, some option that helps save up calorie space for other food?  Are you a health expert or a very health cautious person? Maybe you count every calorie you consume but always end up crossing the limit. Are you that Gym-freak who has been working out every day for years and still can’t maintain your weight?

“All because of one reason: you have a sweet tooth. “

Stevia SUGAR ALTERNATIVE FOR DIET - That cake looks so yummy. I should not resist. I may not live tomorrow. I’ll eat only a little today and workout more tomorrow if I survive

A single sweet dish on a given day can ruin your calorie measurements and food requirements. A single thought comes to your mind “That cake looks so yummy. I should not resist. I may not live tomorrow. I’ll eat only a little today and workout more tomorrow if I survive”. And you end up eating the cake that ruins your day’s work out. This article will introduce you to an amazing and yet a very old sugar alternative for diet: Stevia. This sugar alternative will solve all your problems without actually doing anything. Don’t believe it? Just read the details below.

The need for a sugar alternative for diet.

With the recently rising demand for low-calorie sugar, many companies have started developing artificial sugar with chemicals such as Cyclamate, Saccharine and Aspartame. Yet, with the development of these chemical-based sweeteners, many types of results started popping up that are really harmful for human consumption. These chemicals breakdown under extreme temperatures into toxic compounds like formaldehyde.

  1. Formaldehyde can cause irritation in many body parts and also cause asthma to a few people.
  2. Even a single drop of this chemical creates a compound that cannot be broken down further and stays in your body for a longer duration, slowly accumulating and ending up killing you.

This led to the search for safer natural alternatives to them….

Meet “Stevia: The best sugar alternative for diet”?

The answer to this problem was in our history: Stevia.

Stevia is a natural, 100% Calorie-free and a purely organic sweetener. The leaves of a plant species known as “Stevia Rebaudiana” of the “Sunflower family” is the main source of Stevia. Though this species has more than 150 varieties, only 2 plants are usually sweet. Surprisingly this amazing natural sweetener stevia was banned (and is still banned) in most countries across the world. However, in the places where it is not banned, Stevia has grown to become a very popular sugar alternative for diet.

Stevia is commonly called by many names- candy leaf, Honey leaf, sweet leaf and Meethi Tulsi in India.  In fact, Indians have been using stevia for over 1500 years now. They are usually very fit and suffer from no side effects of this herb. This herb can be a sweetener for drinks. It is also a good fit in every possible dish where you use sugar. Use it in pastries, dessert creations, cakes, juices, donuts, yogurts, coffee, you name it. Stevia also has many anti-oxidants and minerals in them. The human body is designed to extract these without breaking the molecules of stevia for calorie making it a great addition to your mineral requirements. You can read about the mineral contents in detail here: Stevia – The Best Health Supplement And A Healthy Sweetener

Why Stevia: The best Sugar alternative for diet is so popular?

Why Stevia The best Sugar alternative for diet is so popular

Stevia is the best alternative natural sweetener for Gym freaks and other Health cautious people who need to follow a strict diet. This is because of two reasons:

  1. Stevia is Natural and purely Organic sweetener

Stevia leaves can be either directly used or can be processed before use. These methods involve harvesting the leaves off the stevia plant, drying it and directly using it or sending it for further processing. It is a popular leaf extraction technique and uses no chemicals during the whole process. So this natural sweetener stevia contains no additives or toxic chemicals.

  1. Stevia is 100% Calorie-free

Stevia sweetener, either processed or unprocessed, passes through our body without causing any trouble. Our body only takes in all the necessary minerals available from stevia and eliminates the rest without breaking it for calories. This is the reason why even if you overtake Stevia, you won’t gain a single calorie from it making it a perfect sweetener for your body.

Is Stevia: The Sugar alternative for diet safe for human consumption?

Absolutely! Stevia is a very natural herb and unlike cane sugar, it does not need any processing for consumption. The stevia leaves contain Glycosides which is about 100-300 times sweeter than your table sugar. Cane sugar is has a reputation of being a “slow poison”. This is because the processes it undergoes before it reaches your table require many chemicals that are harmful to humans. Stevia, on the other hand, does not need any such harsh processing for consumption.

Hot or cold beverages, does it matter where you Stevia?

Nope! Many artificial sweeteners breakdown into harsh chemicals on heating. These chemicals are not at all good for human consumption and can slowly accumulate inside you end up killing you. Stevia is very much heat-stable i.e. it will never react or break down into poisonous and toxic substances unlike the table sugar or other artificial sweeteners. Therefore, when you cook your food or brew your next coffee, make sure you are using a natural sweetener and not a poison.

Benefits of using this sugar alternative for diet
Benefits of using Stevia , a sugar alternative for diet

Stevia had many controversies. It gained ill fame as a cancer-causing herb. This created a panic among people and the World Health Organization banned this sweetener for many years. However, later, many researches proved that this herb was not at all harmful to humans. The herb passed all the necessary tests for toxicity. In fact, research proved that stevia had many healthy properties. This includes anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-hypertension, anti-HIV, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory properties, etc. These properties made stevia the king of sweeteners.

Apart from having these benefits, Stevia also improves the liver metabolism rate. It improved the body’s sensitivity to insulin changes. The glucose metabolizing ability also increased. The enzymes in the liver and kidneys improved activity on sensing stevia. Stevia is definitely the sugar alternative you should be giving a try.

Sweet-Toothed? Let this amazing sugar alternative for diet do the job

Being sweet-toothed is not your mistake. In fact, you are lucky that God has given you such an amazing sense of sweetness. But too much of this sweetness can make your life bitter. The wrong choice of sweetener will slowly poison you, increase your weight. It may ruin your career and perhaps life as well. But you still want to eat sweets right? Precisely for such people, Stevia has become the solution.

Many companies around the globe extract the sweetness from the leaves of stevia and process it to many different products. This extract is available in the market in both solid and liquid forms. You can directly use these products in all the sweets you want to eat without worrying about the calories. Raw Stevia is about 100-300 times sweeter than sugar and therefore the manufacturers also try to mix it with other edible substances to reduce its sweetness. You can read more about how stevia is processed by the manufacturer and all the different dishes and recipes where stevia can be used

“Don’t think. Just eat it.”

Be a gym freak. Be a health cautious person. Count each and every calorie you intake but make sure you never compromise with the delicious pastries and sweets. Trust Stevia: ‘The sugar alternative for diet, and never let your diet stop you from eating these amazingly yummy chocolates and the creamy ice creams. Be sweet-toothed while always staying fit.

Punit Dhawan

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