You already know of testosterone as a male hormone. However, did you ever think that testosterone and women’s health could have a connection? Estrogen is a female hormone. But not everybody is aware of the fact that testosterone hormone is present in females as well. To tell you another interesting fact, the estrogen hormone is present in males as well! Sounds a little awkward, doesn’t it? Well, this is because of the lack of awareness of our own bodies. Hormones play a great role in the vital functioning and development of our body.

Talking about the female body, the testosterone levels affect health greatly. Not many women are aware of the necessity of testosterone and often neglect the latter. However, the relation between testosterone and a healthy woman must be given attention.

Testosterone and women’s health – The sexual aspect

It is obvious that you are wondering about why is testosterone even responsible for sexual health in women when actually it is a male hormone! Researchers proved that testosterone is responsible to activate the sexual centers in the brain. All the hormones present in the human body have a specific job and in the similar way, a person’s sexual health depends on the levels of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone and women’s health – The sexual aspect
Dr. Sari Van Anders

In the beginning, testosterone was referred to only as a male hormone. Later,studies proved that though in small amounts, testosterone is present in females too. The latter then became a topic of great curiosity for scientists and then Dr. Sari Van Anders, a renowned psychologist and a researcher in women studies, stated that testosterone is equally important for both men and women, however, the amounts required by their bodies differ. She also said that the sexual centers in the brains of men and women are activated at the same levels by testosterone. Moreover, testosterone plays a great role in the libido of men and women.

Dropping testosterone levels in females can be harmful!

Do you know about menopause? The female hormone estrogen gradually reduces, especially after menopause which causes several changes in the female body. However, it is important that you understand that along with estrogen, even the testosterone levels drop.

In 2001, Journal of Reproductive Medicine published a study that was based on the levels of testosterone in the female body at different ages. According to the study, the amount of testosterone present in a female at the age of 20 years gradually reduces to half by the time she is 50!

This decrease in testosterone affects a woman’s health and many complications arise. Decreased libido is the most common side effect of low levels of testosterone. Along with this, another major concern is Bone Mass. Bone Mass or Bone Density in females already reduces after they give birth and then after menopause, it reduces further and the dropping levels of testosterone only support the latter to make it worse.

Another topic of concern is reducing muscle mass density which females neglect. The low levels of testosterone after menopause affect muscle mass density and that results in loss of strength and increased fatigue.

However, this period might be more difficult for some women. Frequent moods swings, higher levels of anxiety and depression are just a few of the problems that arise.

Testosterone And Women's Health - Symptoms of low testosterone?
Don’t feel right? Visit a physician/sexologist immediately

You have already read about the importance of testosterone and how its deficiency can affect health. However, if the symptoms that you face are severe and you are finding it difficult to cope up with post menopausal symptoms, you must visit a physician or a sexologist soon. After testing your hormone levels, your doctor will suggested the required hormone therapy if needed. Still have doubts regarding testosterone? Well, this simplified eBook about All You Need To Know About Women And Testosterone is your perfect solution!

It is important woman know and understand their body. Negligence has never been fruitful!

Please do not take your menopause lightly

Menopause happens to every woman. Often, women neglect their bodies and also their sexual health. Post menopausal symptoms can be an alarm to go and see a doctor. Do you ever feel awkward in telling your doctor you have flu? Then why feel ashamed in seeking help for the latter!

Do you too feel testosterone will make you manly?

This is a great misconception among both men and women that testosterone should be kept away from females. Most people feel it might develop masculine characteristics in their body. Testosterone is very essential for the female body as well and is required in very small amounts.

The fear of developing men like characteristics is only possible when you give your body high levels of testosterone.

There exists a therapy by the name of testosterone therapy. It treats problems caused by low levels of testosterone in the body and is used for both men and women.

It is necessary we have factual knowledge about our bodies rather than blindly trusting myths. Testosterone and women’s health are closely inter-related. It is time women stop neglecting their health and post menopausal symptoms.

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