Oil is a very important ingredient in the kitchen, isn’t it? It adds texture and taste to your food. Let us establish that Mustard oil benefits are unmatched. In addition, it is used in almost every food item that is made in your household. Moreover, the type of oil that you decide to consume on daily basis affects your overall health. India has used Mustard oil for thousands of years. There are various myths about Mustard Oil on the internet some of which definitely need a fact check and this article is going to help you do the same.

How did myths take over mustard oil benefits?

The myth regarding Mustard oil is that it contains erucic acid. Erucic acid’s considered to be harmful.There was a thorough research on rats in the year 1970. In this research it was discovered if rats consume erucic acid they develop myocardial lipidosis. It was also stated that this condition is temporary and reversible.The whole myth about erucic acid was proven to be untrue after some research carried later on.Unfortunately, meanwhile people switched to refined oils during the period. Refined oils were promoted as an alternative for Mustard Oil. This was very downgrading because it was an insult to the Indian Tradition. Erucic acid does not affect any human or animal in a negative way.

Various benefits of Mustard oil revealed!

Various benefits of Mustard oil revealed!

Did you know that Mustard oil is the second most produced oil in India? It has been an integral part of Indian Culture for thousands of generations. Along with that Mustard is one of the oldest recorded plants with essential usage. Hippocrates also made use of Mustard Seeds in making some of his medications.  Ancient Romans used Mustard seeds for making wines and for medicinal purpose as well. Famous Greek Scientist, Pythagoras stated in his writings that mustard oil can be used for the treatment of scorpion sting.

‘Sarson ka Saag’ is an Indian delicacy which is eaten along with “Makke ki Roti”. This is the best combination that you can offer to your body. The entire meal is extremely nutritious and exceptionally tasty. Therefore, it is one of Punjab’s most famous recipes.

How mustard oil benefits your body?

  1. Naturally extracted Mustard Oil contains Biological active beneficial compounds
  2. Known to have anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-fungal therapeutic properties.
  3. Mustard Oil can be mixed with salt and can be used for tooth-whitening. And that is because it has anti-bacterial properties.
  4. The cold press extraction of mustard oil helps to retain the antioxidant properties.
  5. Mustard oil can be used in curing diabetes as well as in curing cancer.
  6. Helpful against abdominal diseases and useful in digestion.
  7. Mustard oil can be used for treatment of wounds too and skin problems.
How mustard oil benefits your body

Generations have passed and Mustard oil has been known and used all over India for its medicinal properties. It is used as a topical treatment for arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis.

Mustard Oil has intense anti-inflammatory effect so you can use mustard oil to get relived from sprains and strains in your body. Mustard Oil is used for complete body massage because of all these healthy effects on the body.

Refined oil doesn’t stand a chance against Mustard oil benefits!

The main problem seen due to refining of oils is the deprivation of omega 3 and omega 6 ratio. The ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 needs to be maintained and balanced in order to avoid excess inflammation. This ratio is balanced in Mustard oil when extracted naturally. Mustard oil is beneficial to the human heart. Major advantage of using local oil is that they are quite stable when heated at a high temperature. They don’t convert to saturated fatty acids. Various studies and researches have proven this and you can read the details on ebook.

Let’s enlighten you with a test that was conducted in 2004 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers from AIIMS as well as St. John’s Medical Hospital, Bangalore in India were a part of this. Researchers from Howard School of Public Health and Research in United States were also present. Together they conducted a test on heart patients from 8 different hospitals in the North as well as South India. They observed that the patients who increased their overall intake of mustard oil showed better health and less risk of heart diseases than those who didn’t. Indians who repeatedly used mustard oil never require any kind of supplements like fish oil supplements or omega 3 and omega 6 because Mustard oil itself is enough.

Multiple studies have shown that when you refine any oil using industrial processes its quality decreases intensely. Industrial processes including bleaching and deodorising the seed to eliminate the smell and also heating at extreme temperatures to increase the profits of the industry. Such processes also increase the shelf life of the specific oil. Due to this refining, the nutritional level of seeds and its oil decreases unbelievably. Mustard oil contains a strong smell which disappears when it undergoes refining.

Controversies that stood against Benefits of Mustard Oil

There have been many controversies surrounding mustard oil. In the year 1998, a case of adulteration of mustard oil took place in Delhi thatled to deaths of many people and it was said that the deaths were because the people consumed this adulterated mustard oil. More than 3000 people had fallen ill because of the consumption and 60 people had died. This led to multiple cases of Dropsy which is a disease that causes swelling of body part.

Doctor Sahib Singh Verma was the chief minister of Delhi during that time. He made an announcement that there will be no sale of mustard oil that is open or unsealed. This whole incident seemed like a well-planned controversy which was created just to increase the sale of refined oil. One of India’s activists and author Dr. Vandana Shiva is still actively fighting this case. The highlights about this entire controversy can be found in the Mustard Oil Unlocked For You!

After this incident, genetically modified seeds were produced by the United States. Monsanto Company is considered to be a cursed company (considering their history).They started producing genetically modified soya bean oil. European markets had already banned this company so in order to sell the GMO seeds they searched for the next big market- India. This had happened around the same time as the dropsy case and hence it is known as one of the biggest conspiracies against locally produced oil.

There is no doubt that any other kind of refined oil cannot take place of the naturally extracted Mustard oil because Mustard oil has its original flavour and an essence of the Indian folklore. Mustard Oil benefits are supreme. To know more about Mustard Oil and to dig in the details you can refer to ebook

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