Health Myths

Everyone has something to say about what is best for your health. But you must know the truth about the health myths

Here are 10 common Health myths that you deal with on a daily basis.

  • Myths 1: More sugar consumption means diabetes.

More sugar consumption means diabetes - Health Myths

More sugar consumption leads to obesity that causes blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes. There are other reasons for diabetes as well, like high alcohol consumption. But sugar is not directly responsible for diabetes.

  • Myths 2: Citrus fruits cause cold

Health Myth 2 Citrus fruits cause cold

These fruits like lemon and oranges are rich in vitamin C which boosts your immunity and fight cold. Though, if you are not hydrated properly, they may cause a runny nose.

  • Myths 3: Cholesterol is always bad

Health Myth 3 Cholesterol is always bad

Do you know cholesterol is responsible for some very important functions in your body like cell formation? There is both good and bad cholesterol in our body.

  • Myths 4 : Taking small meals multiple times help you lose weight

Health Myth 4 Taking small meals multiple times help you lose weight

It does not matter how many times you eat but what matters is what you eat. The number of calories intake, the amount of fat, carbohydrate, protein and then the amount of calories burn, decides if you lose weight or gain it.

  • Myths 5: Carrots and night visions

health Myth 5 Carrots and night visions

If it would have been carrots and improved visions, it would be true. But no. Carrots do not give bat-eyes to look into darker places with ease. They simply improve your eyesight as they are rich in Vitamin A.

  • Myths 6: Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

When you crack your joints, the nitrogen bubbles pop

LOL! Do you really think that you can crack your bones like this? They are just nitrogen bubbles that cause the noise and nothing else. It won’t cause arthritis, but it is not a good habit as well.

  • Myths 7: Smoked for years? Quitting won’t do any good for your heart problems

Health Myths 6 Smoked for years Quitting won’t do any good for your heart problems

It is better to walk back to the right path then continuing on the wrong one. Your risk of getting a heart disease reduces dramatically when you stop smoking.

  • Myths 8: You catch cold from cold weather

Health Myths 9 You catch cold from cold weather

Cold is caused by a virus. The cold weather only gives it a favorable atmosphere to survive. It simply increases the condition where it can get to you and make you blame it on cold weather.

  • Myths 10 : Cancer means Death

Health Myths 10 Cancer means Death

We have come a long way from “A walk to remember” times and the recovery rate of cancer have been improved many times since then. If you have cancer, it does not mean that you are going to die. You need treatment.

  • Myths 10: You can pick and eat your fallen food from floor in 5 seconds

health Myths 10 You can pick and eat your fallen food from floor in 5 seconds

If a floor is contaminated, which it always is, it will take less than a second for the bacteria to make it uneatable. If it’s fallen, it’s gone. You cannot expect that if you can pick it in five seconds, it is good to eat.