Sounds funny, no? That a method as simple as ‘oil pulling’ can cure diseases like cancer, aids, heart diseases, arthritis, etc. But yes, these are the myths surrounding ‘oil pulling’ that greets you whenever you type ‘oil pulling’ in your search box.

  • Have you ever thought where this method originated from?
  • Whether it is an Ayurvedic method as they claim it?
  • Is it simply a hoax that it is a magical cure which makes more and more people believe this mouth-washing method?

If you believe in this oral health care method, let’s not waste any more time and find truth behind these oil pulling myths and their Ayurvedic connections.

Diamond tooth

Every tooth you have is worth more than a diamond.

That’s true and for taking care of your diamonds, a very popular dental care that can be heard of is ‘oil pulling’. All the websites and blogs claim it as an Ayurvedic method. Yes, a reference similar to this method can be found in Ayurveda, but the bogus claims that it can cure several chronic diseases can make you skeptical. Oil pulling for dental health, of course, it is beneficial. But let’s leave this mouth-washing technique to focus on your oral health only. 

If you are someone who has not heard of this method, let’s understand what it involves, what are the benefits, and what are the popular myths surrounding oil pulling method. Got your attention? Well, you can click here to get the complete eBook on this method and the myths surrounding it. 

Oil-Pulling – What is it?

First of all, it is not a foreign concept. It originated in India. Google and YouTube are flooded with the articles and videos claiming that this method is good for your overall health which it is not. How washing your mouth with oil can do anything for your intestine, heart, liver, kidney or any other part? So, before you start believing any of these stupid myths, let’s understand this method and how it works.

Oil pulling is a method where you put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and you keep swishing it, from front to back, back to front, right to left, left to right, between your teeth, etc. without swallowing it. This exercise is to be done for approx. 10-20 minutes. Normally people use coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, and even olive oil for this practice. Some also use refined oil but it does not contain the anti-bacterial properties which are present in coconut oil, mustard oil, or sesame oil.

After all this swishing, this oil turns into a white fluid. It is claimed that this activity gets out all the bacteria, germs, and other problems with the oil. And, if you ask people, they actually experience better oral health by regularly doing it. So, basically it works as a mouth wash. And, if you apply a bit of common sense, swishing for 10-20 minutes will surely flush out the germs and bacteria from your mouth.

Oil Pulling and The Rumor Mill

Now, you must be thinking, “Okay, it is a method and it actually does what it claims to do. Where is the problem?”

Myths Surrounding Oil Pulling

The problem lies when you type “Oil pulling” in your YouTube or Google search box. Several results will pop up and you will find such claims that your eyes will come out of your eye sockets, not literally, though. All of these videos and several blogs on the internet claim that oil pulling can cure several chronic diseases like heart conditions, cancer, arthriritis, blood diseases, etc. If you can name a disease, they claim to cure it by gargling with oil. Sounds stupid, right? Because it is.

You know where the problem lies? There is no such law that takes action against people who post anything online spread these lies and fake information. No medical backgrounds no experiences, they just start a YouTube channel or a blog and whoa! They are self-made doctors or experts, who does nothing but spread lies from their own book of “stupid myths”. See, not everything you read or watch on Internet is true. If you believe them, you are just a part of the crowd that believes man can walk on water. 

Myths Surrounding Oil Pulling

When you first hear about this method, it sounds like one of those “Dadi ke nuskhe” from the kitchen. That’s what makes it easier for these YouTubers and bloggers to claim it as an Ayurvedic method.  Here are some of the popular myths surrounding oil pulling.

Oil Pull Ayurvedic concept written in Charaka Samhita
  • Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic concept.
  • It pulls out the toxins from every part of your body.
  • It cures several chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, bronchitis, migraine, blood diseases, etc.
  • The oil activates certain unknown enzymes (Really, oil is having enzymes?).

These are certain myths which earn them numerous likes and subscription on their channels and blogs. But what makes people believe them is that when people adopt this method, their oral health actually improves and they start believing that the white fluid they spit throws away every harmful substance from their body.

You don’t need to suppress your laughter after reading this but these videos and blogs claim that the oil gets white as it contains all the toxic substances from each part of your body. Seriously? It is the oil that is being talked about and not some magnet that attracts toxins. The fluid turns white because it happens when oil and water get mixed together. See, oil pulling can give you oral benefits, no doubt, but relating it with every possible disease is really hard to digest. So, let’s talk about what does these myths say.

Myth #1 Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic concept

Just involve Ayurveda, and people will believe it. No one reads this deep science, but when some myth is spread in the name of Ayurveda, it is easily believed amongst the masses. Those who are practicing Ayurveda for as much time as the age of these YouTubers have not come through any such dental care method. God knows which Ayurvedic Grantha do these people read where all stupid logics are listed.

This method can only be traced back to the 1990s when a Ukrainian doctor, Dr. F. Karach, claimed that he cured his 15-year long chronic blood disease with oil pulling. He also claimed that it helped in his sleep patterns, his appetite, his blood pressure, and so many health issues. Though, he had no evidence to prove anything apart from his own words. But this is not how science works, based on a person’s words. It requires studies, research and medical support to prove it, where Dr. Karach lacked.

Oil-Pulling - Gandusa and Kalava

If you try to find anything in Ayurveda, you find two concepts of Gandusa and Kalava. In Gandusa, you put oil in your mouth but do not swish it. Just hold it in there and move your head and neck upward and downward sitting in warm morning sun. After a few minutes, you can spit it out.

Kalava is a bit different. It involves oil and mouth but only to gargle. Yes, you only have to gargle with oil and spit it out. So, there is no connection between these ancient Ayurvedic methods and present oil pulling.  

These methods can really help in improving your oral health but nothing more can be expected out of it. After, all it is just gargling like you do with a mouth wash.

Myth #2 It pulls out the toxins from every part of your body

You know a popular method of using medicines for an immediate effect is to put it under the tongue as this part can absorb things quite easily without the use of the liver. As when you eat something, the nutrients are first absorbed by the small intestine, and then they are sent to different parts in the body which takes quite some time. Sometimes doctors also advise you to chew a tablet and then swallow it. The point is that the lower part of your tongue can actually absorb essential nutrients but it does not throw out anything as these people claim that it pulls out every toxin from your blood.

And what are those toxins they talk about? Of course, there can be numerous toxins in your body, but your blood does not contain any toxins such that they will be running around in your blood and will be pulled out by this oil swishing. By the way, there is no toxins in blood, it stores the toxins in your body fat.

Myth #3 It cures several chronic diseases

It is claimed that oil pulling cures several chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, bronchitis, migraine, blood diseases, etc. You know there are still certain kinds of diseases and cancers whose cure has not been found yet. And this method claims to cure them all. It is simply non-sense.

Do you really believe that any doctor will simply hand you a bottle of oil and suggest oil pulling when you are dying of cancer or when your body is undergoing a paralysis attack? If that happens, you will sue that doctor, maybe.

white fluid of Gandusa and Kalava

Myth #4 The oil activates certain enzymes in your mouth

The saliva and oil get all blended in your mouth which makes a white fluid. It is claimed that oil activates certain enzymes (that doesn’t even exist) in your mouth and flush out every bacteria and germ, making the oil white in turn.

Now, can there be any more stupid logic than this one? Just blend oil and water in a blender for 30 seconds, you will get the same mixture. So, does it also contain bacteria or toxins? Of course, not.

Final words

Sometimes it is difficult to separate a myth from the truth.

Punit Dhawan

The problem is not with the oil pulling but the myths surrounding oil pulling that claim that they can cure every possible disease. If you want good oral health, do oil pulling, but do not expect it to work some sort of magic on your entire body or health issues. Just apply a bit of common sense, do not read or watch any misleading blogs or videos, and you are good.

Want to know more?  Read this amazing eBook here to get detailed research and studies on this matter and debunk all the myths surrounding oil pulling.

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