Myths About Water, Not Anymore!

A book is not a good book because it is a paperback, a hardcover, or an eBook, but what makes it a good one is how much it relates to the lives of its readers. For every person who has ever encountered a drinking water myth in their lives like water diet to lose weight or water for weight loss, this book is a weapon against all those people who have taken a keen interest in spreading those myths via blogs, websites, newspaper articles, or YouTube videos. Remember all those videos or blogs you have seen, read, and even shared enthusiastically with your not-so-skinny friends saying water to lose fat or how water helps in weight loss?

Be it the ideal temperature of the water, position for drinking water, time of drinking water, myths are everywhere and in a country of 130 crore people, almost every household encounter at least one myth in their daily lives. In order to get rid of those stupid notions about water and health and logics which have helped these lies to settle in your lives, this book addresses myths around as simple an activity as drinking water. Some of these are-

1) – It is harmful to drink water in a standing position.
2) – Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
3) – Drinking hot water helps in digestion.
4) – Drinking more water helps to lose weight.
5) – Do not drink water during or after meals.
6) – Hot water helps to lose weight.
7) – Thirst and hunger can be confusing.

Reminded you of some common myths you have heard in your home or gym? Are you drinking lots of water to lose weight? Should you drink water while eating? Are these myths affecting your life in any way? It is important to debunk these all and this eBook is just a small step for doing so. Loaded with critical studies, research, and data from around the world, this book will surely clear the fog of myths from your eyes.

It is also an effort to save Ayurveda from being stained because of these lies which are spread in the name of this ancient medical practice. So, read Myths About Water? Not Anymore! understand it, and debunk the myths for people around you.

Flush out all the drinking water myths and live a healthy hydrated life.

All You Need To Know About Women And Testosterone

Are you too concerned about your dropping sexual health? Do you get tired frequently and wonder where’s your energy going? Do you have a hard time dealing with mood swings? Are you going through a difficult post-menopausal journey?

If the answer to even a few of the above questions is yes, here’s your solution! A simple yet informational book, this is for all the women out there who are having a problem understanding the changes in their bodies. While some women have issues dealing with changes after surgeries like removal of the ovaries, many women are still confused about the causes of menopause and unfortunately, do not know all about menopause. If you too are troubled with depression mood changes, dropping bone density, frequent mood swings and find yourself unusually tired or are dealing with poor sexual health and post menopausal symptoms, you do not always have to blame your schedule or question your lifestyle. Consider these signs that your body is giving you regarding your hormones.

Yes, that’s right! Your general health can be greatly affected by hormones. Have you ever heard of women having issues because of low testosterone levels? Don’t worry, this is something very few people know about and that is why reading this book should be number one on your priority list.

This book will help you:

1) – Know about the importance of testosterone for women
2) – Understand the reason of your poor sexual health
3) – Understand the ill effects of low hormones in women
4) – Know the reason behind changes in the body
5) – Identify and understand what your body is trying to tell you through certain signs and symptoms
6) – Understand the changes in a woman’s body and underlying reasons
7) – Realize the importance of hormone therapy, especially testosterone therapy
8) – Understand the reasons of and if needed, seek and find help with menopause symptoms
9) – Clear myths and misconceptions about testosterone!

Information you can trust!

Worried if you could rely on the information in this book? Well you shouldn’t be! This book is based on facts that have been scientifically proven by renowned scientists and researchers all over the world. Often it happens that the information that is served to us comes from doubtful sources or is outdated. Health Myth Busting Books by Punit Dhawan has ensured that everything you read in this book is genuine. After researching for months, studying concepts of Ayurveda and reading several scientific studies from renowned doctors and researchers all over the world, he gathered all vital information about women and testosterone in one place for you to read. Don’t worry; you are not going to find complex terms in this book. The true essence of this book is its easy-to-understand language and factual information, far away from myths!

A chapter especially for readers:

What’s better than a book that enlightens and eases life at the same time? This book has a special section that guides you how to take care of your body’s hormone levels personally. Sounds unique, doesn’t it? That is what makes this book a perfect fit for you – A section just for you!

Take a break from your routine. Enjoy a nice hot cup of tea or coffee while reading this book. No matter young or old, All You Need To Know About Women And Testosterone book is a must read! You always look after others so much, why not spend some time learning about your body?

All that you would want to Know about Sweating and It’s Myths

Many of us are not aware that sweating is a common phenomenon of our body and that it helps us to control our body temperature. Also, whenever our body temperature rises, sweat helps in cooling it down by evaporating the heat from our body.

However, do we really understand ‘what is sweating’ and ‘how it actually works for us’? There could be things you don’t know about sweating. In addition, there are many myths about sweat that are published online and being promoted. Some of these are mentioned below:

1) – Sweating in a hot environment will help you burn more calories
2) – We tend to lose weight more in summers
3) – Is it bad if a person doesn’t sweat much?
4) – Only fat people sweat more
5) – Men sweat more than women
6) – Is sweating at night normal?
7) – Sweat and detoxification is connected and sweating out means releasing toxins
8) – Wearing makeup will reduce sweating

Some common questions that may have crossed most of our minds could include ‘Does sweating burn fat’ or Does sweating help to lose weight’?

As there is so much confusion regarding sweating and not much valid data available, many people are circulating a lot of wrong information in the market about the therapies, methodologies, workout methods that claim to help us lose weight fast or detoxify your body quickly. Quite a few of these are not only dangerous, but also fatal.

To set things straight, and bring the truth to the world, Punit Dhawan wrote this book to clear all the above commonly known myths about sweat, and answer our questions including the implication it has on weight loss and detoxification. In this book, we can get clarity on all the incorrect information being promoted online and also on our beliefs connected to sweating.

By the time we finish reading this book, we will be able to get a complete clarity if ‘sweating to lose weight’ stands true or false and if your body actually detoxifies if you sweat more.

There are hours of research with validated studies done on sweat and sweat related myths while writing this book. All the information mentioned in this book is genuine and on the basis of actual researches done by well-known researchers all across the globe. Hence, the content of this book is completely trustworthy and can be confidently applied in your life.

This book is so simple that anyone can understand it easily, not heavy on scientific terms and technical information.

You can definitely enjoy reading All that you would want to Know about Sweating and It’s Myths book as it is an easy read, you can learn many unique and hidden secrets about sweat, which you never knew before.

Mustard Oil Unlocked For You!: The Complete Power Pack for a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you wondering which oil is the best option for cooking food in your kitchen? Are you confused which oil is the healthiest option for your kitchen? Then you have been in the dark! You definitely need to take a read at this book which is composed of everything that you should know about health benefits of Mustard Oil.

It is a book written in a very simple language and it contains of all the necessary information that you need to know about Mustard Oil. Multiple researches in this book are the base of all the information mentioned in the book, if you will take a look at this book you will realize that it has left no stone unturned about Mustard Oil and you’ve made a right choice by choosing this book!

In this book:

1. You will learn the use of mustard oil in cooking and mustard recipes
2. You will find out how the cold press extraction leads to the formation of pure mustard oil.
3. You will find out the components and contents of mustard seeds
4. Bust all your myths related to mustard oil
5. You will gain an insight on various benefits of mustard oil
6. You will be surprised to find out that Mustard Oil is not only the king of the kitchen but can also be used for other innumerable things
7. You will go back in time and learn about the history of Mustard Oil

Information that is guaranteed to be correct!

These days you will find a lot of blunder on the internet; it is very easy to get your thoughts clouded because of incorrect or outdated information that is presented to you. That is exactly where this book comes in picture for your rescue!

The information that you will find in this book is based on the latest research and facts, if you decided to sit down and compile and differentiate between the correct and incorrect information about mustard oil then it will definitely take ages, but Mr. Punit Dhawan has taken the burden on his shoulders and after days and nights of thorough research he has presented this book to you!

This book will take you on an exciting journey about the controversies, composition, myths and most importantly the uses of Mustard Oil. What’s more you ask? Well there is a special corner in this book that has been written especially for the readers! After reading the book you will definitely have a lot of information but how will you inculcate it in your day to day life? The Special Section in this book is made just for that, there are a lot of activities given over there that you can try out and witness the benefits of mustard oil yourself!

Now all you need to do is take a look at Mustard Oil Unlocked For You!: The Complete Power Pack for a Healthy Lifestyle book and find out yourself how this book is the ultimate solution for all your doubts regarding mustard oil and the complete compilation for all the aspects of mustard oil!

Stevia – The Best Health Supplement And A Healthy Sweetener

Many of us are health conscious and look for natural healthy sweeteners as well as sugar alternatives for diabetics as against table sugar. In addition, many of us love to have a sweet taste in our food items but still be in shape.

Did you know that there can be natural healthy sweeteners which not only are perfect replacement for table sugar, but are also safe and natural? In fact these healthy sweeteners also carry with them some health benefits. Furthermore, they can also help you cure lifestyle diseases and avoid tooth decays.

Did you ever think that a sweetener could do all these?

Well, I found that stevia is the best sweetener which offers all of these above benefits. But, there have been many myths and incorrect information floating around about stevia in the past such as:

1.Who discovered stevia and where was it found first?
2.Is it safe to replace stevia with the regular table sugar in our diets?
3.What are the health benefits of stevia?
4.Is stevia one of the best amongst diabetic sugar alternatives?
5.Is stevia approved by the authorities in food regulation worldwide?
6.What were the facts available about it then?
7.Are there any toxins in stevia?
8.Stevia is carcinogenic or helps in creating cancer cells in humans?
9.How can stevia be used in food preparations?
10.Can stevia be stored for long periods?
11.What does stevia really contain?

Hence, in this book, I am aiming to break all these myths regarding stevia. All the facts presented in this book are based on actual and scientific research by globally well-known researchers, so you can completely trust this information.

I have used very simple language here which even a school kid can understand. Therefore, if you are thinking that I have used scientific terms that may be difficult to understand, don’t worry you will be able to in fact read and understand the information presented here quite easily.

By the time you finish reading Stevia – The Best Health Supplement And A Healthy Sweetener book, you would know more about stevia and its health benefits. You will also learn how it can be consumed in your daily diet and how it can actually help you in maintain a better health.

Debunking the myths of soybean: Exposing Complete Soybean Allegations!

Soybean! Have you heard about this protein? If you have heard about it, then either you are in the category of people who over-consume it or in the category who says it’s horrible for health. Right?If you are a person who really loves to have in-depth knowledge about what goes into your mouth and the health benefits of this food. Well, this book is a perfect read for you then!

Is soybean a magical food with plenty of soy health benefits or is it a non-edible plant-based food that humans should avoid? Gosh! How many times have you heard soybean allegations or your friends or family members debate about why you should not have the soy milk or soy nuts sold in the market? Jeez! Everyone seems to know all the soy facts these days! But how do the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese consume so much Soy and live long lives? What is the secret behind their consumption of Soy? Let us see the truth about soybeans in this ebook.

1) – Will you believe if I told you soybean does not really have effects on testosterone levels of men if consumed in the right amounts?
2) – Will you believe if I told you soybean does not really have effects on testosterone levels of men if consumed in the right amounts?
3) – What if I told you Asians live the longest lives and soy is a major part of their diet?
4) – Did you know soy does not cause a feminizing effect on men?
5) – Did you know traditionally fermented soy could add the highest level of protein to your body and also reduce wrinkles and aging?
6) – What if I told you that the infant food you buy is filled with soy extracts that are horrible for your child?
Did you know if you or your family have a thyroid patient they must avoid soy?
7) – What if I told you soybean oil was the worst oil to consume?

Oh my god! How? Confused? Shocked? These are totally contradicting statements, right? Some statements are anti soy and some are pro soy. So what is the real truth? Some people crown soy as the king of all legumes with immense health benefits beyond words, and some people trash it to be dangerous to human health and inedible. This is all extremely confusing, isn’t it? So how do we set apart from all these hypothetical claims, word of mouth advice, marketing gimmicks, and actually get to the root of understanding Soy?

This groundbreaking book is aimed to expose the truth about the soy and soy industry and reveal all the fake marketing gimmicks by western countries to sell soy for bogus health benefits. The book provides meta-analysis studies, clinical and laboratory studies about all the possible topics related to Soybean.

Let Punit Dhawan guide you and your loved ones through soybean’s effect on our overall body, infants, cardiovascular effects, thyroid, breast cancer, and many many more important topics.

Let’s get started. This book will help you get an in-depth understanding of Soy in an easy and unbiased way with research studies and real facts about Soy debunking all the myths of soybean.

Once you read Debunking the myths of soybean: Exposing Complete Soybean Allegations! book, it’s a guarantee you will have all the required soybean information and you will be able to explain the true facts about soybean to all your near and dear ones over a cup of coffee or soy milk I should say?

Apple Cider Vinegar – To use or not to use!

Apple Cider Vinegar- Is it really a miracle potion? Does it really help you lose weight? Oh wait, does it also help remove acne, dark spots and blemishes? Is it a cure for infertility too? Can I treat dandruff and skin infections with apple cider vinegar? Can I cure bacterial infections with apple cider vinegar?

These are just a few questions out of the many that people generally have regarding apple cider vinegar. What’s worse is that people generally answer the above questions with a very big “yes” and then end up spoiling their health! Ever thought of the reason why apple cider vinegar is so popular? Have you ever wondered why do advertisements and YouTube videos glorify it so much? One simple answer- People love magic! Yes that’s right! People fall for such marketing gimmicks that say one teaspoon and your life is sorted!

After personally experiencing the harmful effects of Apple Cider Vinegar, Punit Dhawan decided to bring the reality to light! If you too have heard of apple cider vinegar’s miraculous properties, then this book is definitely a must read!

Due to unhealthy ways of living and hectic schedules, a number of problems have become a part and parcel of our day to day lives. To name a few of the many- dandruff, skin infections, acne, infertility, weakness, obesity and many more!

One thing that this book will definitely help you with is understanding the truth behind all those advertisements and YouTube videos you have seen that say apple cider vinegar can cure anything and everything!

Wondering why you should trust the information in this book? Well, your doubts are obvious! All the information in this book has been derived from case studies carried out by renowned researchers all over the world. Months of research and personal experiments have gone into making this book a perfect read for you. Don’t worry, you will love the simplicity of the language used in this book.

Here are 6 reasons that will convince you to read this book:

1.Clears all questions related to ‘How to lose weight with vinegar’
2.In depth knowledge of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar
3.To the point explanation of all the myths about apple cider vinegar
4.A section that describes apple cider vinegar side effects on skin
5.Reliable information from case studies performed by renowned researchers
6.Simple, easy-to-read language

How to use apple cider vinegar?

This book is not all about the negativity of apple cider vinegar. There is a special section for readers that guides you how you can use this vinegar in different ways without harming your health.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start reading – Apple Cider Vinegar – To use or not to use

Exposing the truth about Coffee: The True Benefits and Cons of Coffee!

Coffee? Filter coffee? Black coffee? Milk Coffee? Dark Coffee? Light Coffee? Freshly made organic coffee. Sugar syrup coffee? Soymilk coffee? How is coffee made?

Oh, My Goddess!! What should you do?

What kind of coffee should you drink? How much coffee should you drink? Does coffee really have any health benefits at all? Does coffee do harm to the body? Ahhh!!! So many questions, so many myths about coffee, right?

Right? Do not panic. You have opened the bible of coffee which will tell you everything, you need to know about your favorite drink-Coffee.

If you are a person who really loves to have in-depth knowledge about the health benefits of beverages and foods. Well, this book is a perfect read for you then! From the concepts of this book you will understand how coffee changed the world?

Still confused, still thinking why you must buy this book?

1) – Will you believe if I told you that coffee is the best drink to consume in the morning and worst to consume at night.
2) – What if I told you Coffee can make your workout 10 times better?
3) – Did you know coffee can also help the heart and diabetic patients?
4) – Are you aware of how coffee is grown?
5) – You will be surprised that organic coffee can be made at home.
6) – What if I told you that coffee for pregnant women was bad?
7) – Did you know coffee can actually make you smarter?
8) – Also, Coffee for weight loss is also an absolutely true fact.

Oh my god! Shocked? These are totally true facts about coffee discussed in this book.

This groundbreaking book reveals all great facts and debunks all the myths about coffee. It tells you the facts about coffee good for diet. The book provides meta-analysis studies, clinical and laboratory studies about all the possible topics related to Coffee Beans.

Let ‘Exposing the truth about Coffee‘ guide you and your loved ones through coffee’s effect on our overall body, brain, cardiovascular effects, workouts, depression, acidity, many more important topics.