In the wake of Covid-19, everyone is asking this question from Google, “How to boost your immune system?” After the virus, the world has understood the importance of their immune system. And as life slowly started to come back on track, the market is flooded with products that kill the viruses and boost your immune system. The refined oil that purely sells fat and not an ounce of minerals that edible oil must contain is claiming to boost your immunity.

While many people used shortcuts and simply bought tones of immunity booster supplements and vitamins, there are people like me who do not believe in taking drugs to boost my immune system. Of course, they help you but at the end of the day, they are drugs and excess consumption is surely going to affect you. So I tried some cool natural ways to boost my immune system.

How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally?

Keeping in mind our present lifestyle, these simple ways may seem like a hardcore exercise to you, but these tips show us why our parents prefer sleeping early at night and do not make faces while eating.

  • “We become what we eat”. Your body is a reflection of what you eat. When you eat lots of junk, the increased size of your waist says it all. Watch your diet if you want to boost your immune system. Eat lots of vegetables, especially leafy ones, and fruits. Any seasonal fruit will do. Make sure that your plate is full of required proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. If you will eat properly, you don’t need any supplements in your life.
eight hours of sleep is mandatory
  • Binge-watching Netflix until morning and then sleeping until noon will do you no good, even if you take 10 hours of sleep. Being an adult, eight hours of sleep is mandatory. For kids, 10-12 hours of sleep is a must. When your body is properly rested, the functions of the body works perfectly.
  • Do something. No, no. I did not mean doing PUBG attacks all day. I meant exercise or meditation. A low or moderately intense exercise goes a long way in boosting your immune system and it also brings down your stress level. Go for a run, walk, or workout in your home. If you cannot exercise, then meditate. A 30-60 minute exercise or meditation can be an elixir for your body. But do not over-exercise as it will drain out all your energy. And if you cannot even exercise, at least move your body. Take walks, do small household chores, take your dog to dog parks, or let your dog take you for a walk, but move.
citrus fruits like lemon, Clementine, sweet lime, orange, Kinnow, etc boost your immunity
  • Citrus fruits. Made your mouth water with the anticipation of tangy taste? Good, because having citrus fruits like lemon, Clementine, sweet lime, orange, Kinnow, etc boost your immunity. Just squeeze fresh juice and you won’t need any supplements. And it will be a small exercise for your body, no? Moving, peeling, and making the juice.
  •  Everyone loves yogurt. Well, I do. So eat plenty of it or at least a bowl a day. It is a very simple way to keep your digestion proper, to boost your immunity, and to kill the bad virus and bacteria of your body. Almost 70% of your diseases start from your intestine, so take care of your digestion, eat fiber-rich foods, and take care of your intestine.
  • A problem does not drain out our energy but the stress related to it does. We stress more than the situation demands even when we know that taking stress is not going to lessen the problem. So do not stress, keep calm as stress is an enemy of your immune system.
  • Drink water. When it comes to health, water is everywhere, and why it shouldn’t be? Our body is made up of more than 60% of water. Right from your cells, to bones, muscles to blood, skin to organs, everything requires a proper supply of water. So drink water and drink a lot of it. It will keep you hydrated and your immune system running. I am not saying that you must drink 8 glasses of water a day, but drink as much as you want and keep yourself hydrated.
  • If you smoke, drink or vape, leave the habits now. With the health point of view, these habits are bad, and for your immune system, especially when you need your immunity to be high, they can be deadly, as they weaken your immune system. Even if you cannot change the habits overnight, at least take care of your organs that are being damaged by your habits. If you love alcohol, at least strengthen your friendship with coffee as it is very helpful in fighting liver problems.
  • Getting yourself checked from time-to-time is essential. During the Coronavirus, it is a must. So, make sure that your flu vaccines are updated.
maintain a healthy weight
  • But all of these measures will go down the drain if you do not maintain a healthy weight. Yes, it is important that you maintain a healthy weight. Wait, I am talking about fat here not your muscle mass which makes your body heavier but fit. It doesn’t mean that your immunity will be skyrocketing once your waist size is 38. But obesity brings along a number of health problems that may cause a dent in your immunity and studies have proved it. So, exercise daily and maintain a healthy weight.

There is a reason why our elders used to wake up early in the morning and went for morning walks. They used to live longer without eating any supplements. But in the name of a changed lifestyle, we have invited many health problems all by ourselves. But the secret of boosting your immunity lies in a healthy start of the day, a healthy diet, and healthy habits. Take care of these and you can boost your immune system naturally without any synthetic supplements.

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