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Today, I am the founder of FaceAdMediaLLC; a U.S. registered writing, and designing services firm. I am also the founder of feedtheidiot, a social media hub for entrepreneurial and motivation niche. I have also authored some eBooks debunking famous health myths around the world.
I have a total of 10 years of Internet Marketing experience. My career started with SEO (On Page and Off Page), Affiliate marketing (various niches), and included content writing and logo designing along the way. I founded FaceadMedia LLC, a Delaware registered company.
My motto is to learn on the job. I graduated from school & went on to study BCA as a normal product of parental pressure. However, my life had a different path, and college was just not going to get me to my destination, so I dropped the degree course. In essence, I am just a 12th Grade graduate.
I work hard and play harder because most of my life lessons are learned from trying to balance my interests. I am in love with myth debunking, especially related to the health and nutrition sector. This brings together my two passions – Marketing and Health development.

Some Famous Quotes by Punit Dhawan

If you aren’t making mistakes, then you’re not taking risks. Without risks, success is impossible.

Smoking is injurious to health but sitting idle for long hours without any body movement is equally injurious to health.

Each time you face your deepest fears, you gain courage, strength, and confidence to overcome those fears and life.

Be brave enough to ask a question because it is the only sign that you are learning.

Punit Dhawan

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